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July 22nd, 2010


I do have a think for porn staches. Two things: Incredibly quiet crowd, and weird to think that ten years later he was  rolling with Crockett and Tubbs.

gleen frey with don johnson and philip michael thomas from Miami Vice

July 22nd, 2010

this ain’t livin’: But the Nice Officer Is Just Here To Help

this ain't livin': But the Nice Officer Is Just Here To Help:


There’s a reason people don’t trust police. It’s not made up. It’s not ‘cultural’ and it’s not ‘taught.’ It is learned, through bitter experience. It is learned when the police respond to complaints from the neighbours about domestic violence and do nothing, over and over again. It is learned when you watch your parents repeatedly harassed because they look or dress the wrong way. It is learned when you are sitting in the interview room and you realise that the people on the other side of the table do not view you as a human being. It is learned when you attend funerals for people who ran afoul of law enforcement simply because they existed.

East Bay Ray kills it on this one, no?

July 22nd, 2010

Feminist World of Warcraft

takeoff on cartoon that says "On the Internet, no one knows I'm a dog."

Sady Doyle = Lady Do Yes

The Internet is great. I like the Internet. I like feminism, and I’m glad the Internet gave me a way to do more of it. But we shouldn’t create some parallel Internet reality where feminism is huge, and play at Feminism like it’s World of Warcraft, and then snip at the “old feminists” who just don’t get it. No matter what you think of certain of those “old feminists” (and my objections are well-recorded), they managed to substantively re-shape our entire social arrangement. Maybe we want to think about that before we make fun of them for not using Twitter.

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This is also interesting in the light of  recent calls for ending anonymity from some ladyists, on the heels of WoW doing same. And just to show how I am caught between the old and the (purported) new, I am too confused by the new Google Image Search interface to find the cartoon I saw the other day that would have fit this post perfectly, but I DIYed this one.