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July 24th, 2010


picture of edie beale

Let me set the scene

First, since the vet wants Fritz to stay hydrated, there are bowls of water around the house. Second, he is eating wet food on the veterinarian’s orders, which means Monster is eating wet food, because she displays her full Cat Victim Performance when he gets it and she doesn’t, and I am sick of dealing with it. Wet food means fruit flies, so there are bowls of apple cider vinegar with cling wrap around the house to catch the flies. Finally, to add the final piece of madhouse chic to the mix, the windows are all blocked out with poster board to keep out the heat.

As for me, I’m having an “inflammatory episode” which means that I need to keep ice all up and down my left side to try and calm everything down and prevent more scar tissue from forming around the nerves. “But Mikki,” you think. “How do you keep ice over 1/2 of your body?” Well, my friends, after much trial and error, it’s a combination of frozen vegetables, Zip-loc bags full of ice, and actual medical-ish ice things. Some are duct-taped to my clothing and some are tied on with scarves, so it’s kind of like a zombie Steven Tyler thing. Of course, this means when I lie down, the cats must snuggle together on my right side, which gets super hot.

I have two stories due Monday.