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August 9th, 2010

I will post about the “American Woman” show soon….

I will post about the “American Woman” show soon. For now, let’s just say the fact that the mug is white will be one of my rhetorical flourishes.

August 9th, 2010

Birkin Bag

the cast of the movie "cement garden"--two teenagers, a boy and a girl, and two younger children, also a boy and a girl. they are white, and look scruffy

“Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, because it’s ok to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because you think that being a girl is degrading. But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like, wouldn’t you? What it feels like for a girl?”

- Charlotte Gainsbourg in The Cement Garden (this quote/clip was also used in what it feels like for a girl by madonna) via fuckyeahriotgrrrls and ghostparties

The Gainsbourg/Birkin clan is so fascinating and creepy and chic. First of all, David Birkin was a spy in WWII which is automatically awesome. Then Jane, his daughter, marries pop star Serge Gainsbourg and they release a single that everyone thinks is them having sex while being recorded. Also they are completely fantastic dressers and she gets an Hermés bag named after her. They have a daughter, Charlotte, who records a song called “Lemon Incest” with her dad. Later, Charlotte makes a movie about incest in which her character, Julie, has sex with Julie’s brother, Jack. The movie is directed by Charlotte’s uncle, Ned Birkin. Charlotte in general dresses in head-to-toe Balenciaga and is crazy cool. Jane has another daughter, Lou Doillon, who got her tongue pierced at like age 9 and who played Jane’s daughter in an autobiographical movie Jane directed.

That’s just one paragraph! Of them! And then Madonna! And Brigitte Bardot plays a role here too! And Catherine Denueve! These people are like the center of gravity for Fronchy arty things and also just so frigging good looking I can barely tear myself away.