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September 14th, 2011

So obsessed with Leonora Carrington lately.

So obsessed with Leonora Carrington lately.

September 14th, 2011

periods are so metal.



i always crave blood and meat and dark beer. my boobs get huge and i always want to bone or fight the entire time. i bleed a lot and feel all tapped into the forces of nature and have crazy dreams.

i should write a metal concept album about my period.

Not only would I listen to that album over and over but I might purposefully start a band to make covers of it. 

I can’t let this pass without mentioning Keeper, a band that respects the blood:

When we were first playing, we wanted this super metal name that would sound like a character from a “choose your own adventure” book or D and D. But when we came up with The Keeper we looked to see if there already was a website and found the The Keeper (menstrual cup). It was probably the raddest, metalest thing ever to be named after except for icebergs, sabertooth tigers and Stonehenge. I mean, what is more metal than a non-disposable menstrual cup? Not much! And its hilarious when bearded metal dudes ask us what our name means and we tell them about the cup. They usually blush! So yeah, we love it!

(from Seattle Weekly)

(PS They have a record called “Twenty-sided DIE! which is obv hilarious)

September 14th, 2011

This is awesome. Tech camp for young women in…

This is awesome. Tech camp for young women in Lebanon.

It’s run by Nasiwiya, and supported in part by the Global Fund for Women. Nasiwiya does lots of other great projects connected to domestic workers, migrant issues, gender violence, the separation of church and state, and more. Love them.