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September 19th, 2011



I am honored and pleased to announce the first public arts action for my troupe BODY ECOLOGY!!!!!! Spread far and wide and if you are in NYC please please please come on out!!



Public Arts Performance for Reproductive Justice
Inaugural Body Ecology Cultural Arts Direct Action Campaign

Contact: Sydette Harry (347)424-8052
Email: bodyecology@bettysdaughter

Harlem, New York —3pm on October 1, in the center of Harlem the Body Ecology Performance Collaborative is holding a ring-shout for reproductive justice. The ring-shout, honors Harriet Tubman and those who have consistently demanded reproductive justice for women of color. The ring-shout will be held at the plaza of her memorial statue “Swing Low” at 125th and St. Nicholas Avenue.

The premiere event of Body Ecology’s Cultural Arts Direct Action Campaign , the ring-shout kicks off an upcoming season dedicated to using arts to address issues of reproductive justice within the African Diaspora community. Conceived as way to bring together artists, activists, performers and all members of the community, for an interactive expression of the hopes, needs,demands and resources of the community, around the pursuit of reproductive justice.

Ebony Golden, Body Ecology member said, “This cultural arts direct action campaign has been a dream for several years. I am excited to use the arts to vision a world I want to live in with the rest of the ensemble and community. We are not fighting against anything, we are honoring our autonomy over all that women and community create-creatively, politically, spiritually, economically, educationally…” 

Conceived around Harriet Tubman’s unending contributions to freedom and justice, the ring-shout will link traditional songs, and structure with modern testimony and group performance. Body Ecology drives to spur a conversation,concentrating not only on the trials, but on the triumphs of the diaspora’s lived experience.

The campaign will take the ensemble to Boston, Washington, DC, and Baltimore. Local allies include Casa Atabex Ache, Ocean Ana Rising, Brecht Forum, and WOW Cafe Theatre.

Important Dates Include
Sept.28- Body Ecology: Creativity and Transformation Residency
Oct. 1- RingShout for Reproductive Justice
Oct. 26- Community Performance and Dialogue on Arts Organizing

Body Ecology is a performance ensemble that honors the creative, spiritual, scholarly and radical lived experiences of women of the African diaspora. Conceived after Ebony Noelle Golden’s performing activism course at Medgar Evers College, Body Ecology conceptualizes performance and learning experiences with communities to build a praxis of collective wellness and liberation. Recent performances include a residency at Indigo Days in North Carolina and New York City’s Brecht Forum as part of the Women on Wednesdays series.


This will be tremendous.

September 19th, 2011

laborreguita: YES!



September 19th, 2011

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Annie Sprinkle - Anatomy of a Pin-Up. Read the full interview with Annie Sprinkle from Filament magazine.

Ah, Annie Sprinkle.

Do love her so much forever and ever.