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January 5th, 2012

1. We got new fonts today. One is called WOMAN.

1. We got new fonts today. One is called WOMAN.

January 5th, 2012

(Re)making media: DIY, zines, & punk rock in the digital age

(Re)making media: DIY, zines, & punk rock in the digital age:

Whatever about this writeup, but I want to correct one thing. He wrote:

Mikki noted how weird it was to get so much media attention for a funny blog instead of her other work.”

That is absolutely not what I said. I said that Shut Up Foodies had a political message and was a critique of foodie culture—its racism, its classism, its preciousness, its lack of concern for labor conditions, its gender disparities, etc. SUF was also really funny. It was written anonymously by the two of us.

When all the media people started contacting us we only two interview and then stopped because it was gross and stupid. The focus was on us and not what we were writing about. Who are our favorite chefs? Are we excited the blog is getting so big? What’s in your refrigerator? (NOT KIDDING).They wanted to do photo shoots with us! People talked to us about developing a TV show. They suggested we do a book. Fuck that. No media person ever wanted to do a story about what we were actually saying. Things like the horrific conditions for workers who package “wild salmon.”

I mean, duh, the media sucks. I know! But the point is, you can actually OPT OUT of it which people never seem to realize.

We did end up having great convos with ppl in the foodie community who for the most part took everything with good humor and I think maybe a few wee lightbulbs went off. It felt damn good to skewer these people and it was super fun and funny. But we had no intention of becoming media stars, even in a small way, from it. It wasn’t about us.

So no, bookstalker, whoever you are, I don’t think it’s weird that SUF got attention and my other work hasn’t. I won an award from the National Women’s Political Conference for my coverage of the last election. My books have won awards. I HAVE A DAYTIME EMMY, MAN. People were coming up to me after that panel and telling me that things I wrote in my zine 20 years ago had changed their lives.

This is totally stupid and it is not about listing my accomplishments but I am doing it because I want to emphasize what Ian and I were both talking about is visibility, visibility in the mediasphere particularly. And we were both advocating for getting away from that as a marker of success, especially visibility about you as a person versus your work. As I pointed out in the panel, internet feminism today is suffering from spectacle syndrome. Getting into a magazine or on tv is what’s important. As Tiger Beatdown put it: “In order to audition for the “BIG STARRING ROLE AS MEDIA FIGURE”, bloggers are required to constantly up their game.” The goal is to be a media figure. Fuck that.

I said last night that  DIY  first and foremost is about not letting other people define what success is. Your idea of success might vary from project to project or year to year. Maybe sometimes the goal is fun. Maybe it is to get some workshops going with local police so that rape victims aren’t retraumatised when they report. Maybe it is to get a certain number of signatures on a petition. Maybe it is to be a “BIG MEDIA FIGURE.” 

Success for us with SUF was not getting on Jay Leno or SIRIUS radio or whatever. We just wanted to have a conversation. We met a bunch of great people and I actually do think it made a slight difference that people in that world had a year or so of people relentlessly sending them up. But mostly it was fun for us. And therefore we were a success.


what is success?
is it do your own thing?
or to join the rest
and if you truly believe it,
and try over and over again
living in hopes
that someday you’ll be in with the winners

January 5th, 2012

Me: I have cramps. And I am bleeding.

Me: I have cramps. And I am bleeding.
Not Me: Oh no! Do you need a heating pad or naproxen or anything?
Me: No, I am just pointing it out because it means I win every argument right now.
Not Me: Goes without saying.