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February 8th, 2012

I would buy everything from a store called Mates.

I would buy everything from a store called Mates.

February 8th, 2012

HAHA THIS RULEZ. Look at the cops!!! Some people on YouTube…

HAHA THIS RULEZ. Look at the cops!!! Some people on YouTube thought this was a Rock for Choice show but it was No More Wars, at City Hall. Jan 1991. Amazing times.

February 8th, 2012

I remember we were like, this is the last time we will all be…

I remember we were like, this is the last time we will all be together like this and it was not true but it was also true.

Jabberjaw reunion this fall, that’s weird too.

February 8th, 2012

I too.

Many are the deceivers:
The suburban matron,
proper in the supermarket,
list in hand so she won’t suddenly fly,
buying her Duz and Chuck Wagon dog food,
meanwhile ascending from earth,
letting her stomach fill up with helium,
letting her arms go loose as kite tails,
getting ready to meet her lover
a mile down Apple Crest Road
in the Congregational Church parking lot.
Two seemingly respectable women
come up to an old Jenny
and show her an envelope
full of money
and promise to share the booty
if she’ll give them ten thou
as an act of faith.
Her life savings are under the mattress
covered with rust stains
and counting.
They are as wrinkled as prunes
but negotiable.
The two women take the money and disappear.
Where is the moral?
Not all knives are for
stabbing the exposed belly.
Rock climbs on rock
and it only makes a seashore.
Old Jenny has lost her belief in mattresses
and now she has no wastebasket in which
to keep her youth.
The standup comic
on the “Tonight” show
who imitates the Vice President
and cracks up Johnny Carson
and delays sleep for millions
of bedfellows watching between their feet,
slits his wrist the next morning
in the Algonquin’s old-fashioned bathroom,
the razor in his hand like a toothbrush,
wall as anonymous as a urinal,
the shower curtain his slack rubberman audience,
and then the slash
as simple as opening as a letter
and the warm blood breaking out like a rose
upon the bathtub with its claw and ball feet.
And I. I too.
Quite collected at cocktail parties,
meanwhile in my head
I’m undergoing open-heart surgery.
The heart, poor fellow,
pounding on his little tin drum
with a faint death beat,
The heart, that eyeless beetle,
running panicked through his maze,
never stopping one foot after the other
one hour after the other
until he gags on an apple
and it’s all over.
And I. I too again.
I built a summer house on Cape Ann.
A simple A-frame and this too was
a deception — nothing haunts a new house.
When I moved in with a bathing suit and tea bags
the ocean rumbled like a train backing up
and at each window secrets came in
like gas. My mother, that departed soul,
sat in my Eames chair and reproached me
for losing her keys to the old cottage.
Even in the electric kitchen there was
the smell of a journey. The ocean
was seeping through its frontiers
and laying me out on its wet rails.
The bed was stale with my childhood
and I could not move to another city
where the worthy make a new life.
Long ago
there was a strange deception:
a wolf dressed in frills,
a kind of transvestite.
But I get ahead of my story.
In the beginning
there was just little Red Riding Hood,
so called because her grandmother
made her a red cape and she was never without it.
It was her Linus blanket, besides
it was red, as red as the Swiss flag,
yes it was red, as red as chicken blood,
But more than she loved her riding hood
she loved her grandmother who lived
far from the city in the big wood.
This one day her mother gave her
a basket of wine and cake
to take to her grandmother
because she was ill.
Wine and cake?
Where’s the aspirin? The penicillin?
Where’s the fruit juice?
Peter Rabbit got chamomile tea.
But wine and cake it was.
On her way in the big wood
Red Riding Hood met the wolf.
Good day, Mr. Wolf, she said,
thinking him no more dangerous
than a streetcar or a panhandler.
He asked where she was going
and she obligingly told him
There among the roots and trunks
with the mushrooms pulsing inside the moss
he planned how to eat them both,
the grandmother an old carrot
and the child a shy budkin
in a red red hood.
He bade her to look at the bloodroot,
the small bunchberry and the dogtooth
and pick some for her grandmother.
And this she did.
Meanwhile he scampered off
to Grandmother’s house and ate her up
as quick as a slap.
Then he put on her nightdress and cap
and snuggled down in to bed.
A deceptive fellow.
Red Riding hood
knocked on the door and entered
with her flowers, her cake, her wine.
Grandmother looked strange,
a dark and hairy disease it seemed.
Oh Grandmother, what big ears you have,
ears, eyes, hands and then the teeth.
The better to eat you with my dear.
So the wolf gobbled Red Riding Hood down
like a gumdrop. Now he was fat.
He appeared to be in his ninth month
and Red Riding Hood and her grandmother
rode like two Jonahs up and down with
his every breath. One pigeon. One partridge.
He was fast asleep,
dreaming in his cap and gown,
Along came a huntsman who heard
the loud contented snores
and knew that was no grandmother.
He opened the door and said,
So it’s you, old sinner.
He raised his gun to shoot him
when it occurred to him that maybe
the wolf had eaten up the old lady.
So he took a knife and began cutting open
the sleeping wolf, a kind of caesarian section.
It was a carnal knife that let
Red Riding Hood out like a poppy,
quite alive from the kingdom of the belly.
And grandmother too
still waiting for cakes and wine.
The wolf, they decided, was too mean
to be simply shot so they filled his belly
with large stones and sewed him up.
He was as heavy as a cemetery
and when he woke up and tried to run off
he fell over dead. Killed by his own weight.
Many a deception ends on such a note.
The huntsman and the grandmother and Red Riding Hood
sat down by his corpse and had a meal of wine and cake.
Those two remembering
nothing naked and brutal
from that little death,
that little birth,
from their going down
and their lifting up.

—Anne Sexton, “Red Riding Hood”

Even when it all comes together, it doesn’t mean you won’t be alone forever.

February 8th, 2012

leonineantiheroine: You can always tell when someone is a self-absorbed, egocentric prick when you…


You can always tell when someone is a self-absorbed, egocentric prick when you tell them how you don’t like how they treated you, they don’t seek to clarify, then they try to define your reality and basically ignore you compared to others—because they don’t have any ‘use’ for you any more. Normally I could probably work around this outcome but when I have to get shit done, yeah it more than pisses me off.  


February 8th, 2012

sl33pcr33p: karaj: mikkipedia: One of the great opening lines…




One of the great opening lines of all time. Also important: pajamas, GRAY LIPS, plaid shirts, and Left-Eye barely appearing bec she supposedly hated this song so much she was going to put black tape over her mouth for the shoot, which so something I would do.

i think it’s important that i reblog this, as a gift to myself, because i love TLC, but even more, i love that TLC post i reblogged a few months ago, which is going to be the funniest thing that ever appears on this tumblr. “every time a bell rings, left eye lopes just burnt another asshole’s house down with her laser vision from heaven.” “he was an abusive jerk and he deserved it. girl power.” i will never not laugh imagining that guy’s horror upon learning of his burnt tennis shoes. 

strangely just last night p-strut was texting me about setting boys on fire and left eye as a role model and it never ceases to please me how much overlap there is in my Feminist Conversations

I love all of this! Webstalking, burning houses (which is also so Bertha and so Emily Valentine), mandatory rectal exams, kissing and telling and giving out numbers.

February 8th, 2012

so much love.

so much love.

February 8th, 2012

Does anyone remember the ULA?


Or when Karl Wenclas was relevant? No? OK then:

I WONDER what the effect will be of the Jeanette Winterston screed about Henry Miller in the most recent New York Times Book Review. Will it have a chilling effect on already too-careful male writers? How many aspiring young men are right now going over their manuscripts, ensuring that they don’t come on too strong?

American literature is already too politically correct, too feminized. Old fashioned authors like Norman Mailer if starting out today would never get in the door. It’s one reason of many for the inferior condition of our literature.

Someone unleash the feminized mandarins of American Literature on this fatuous, florid crackpot. But be gentle, because he can’t collect Medicare for another two years.

OMG I totally remember ULA!! I wish there were still old-time Dick Cavett talk shows because King Wenclas and Jeanette would be amaaaaaazing. I would wish Christopher Hitchens undead for that even.

Also Jeanette is so brillz:

There is beauty as well as hatred in “Cancer,” and it deserves its place on the shelf. Yet the central question it poses was stupidly buried under censorship in the 1930s, and gleefully swept aside in the permissiveness of the 1960s. Kate Millett asked the question in the 1970s, but the effort to ignore it is prodigious. A new round of mythmaking is ignoring it once more. The question is not art versus pornography or sexuality versus censorship or any question about achievement. The question is: Why do men revel in the degradation of women?

February 8th, 2012

nanettehb: firsttimeuser: School for black civil rights…



School for black civil rights activists; young girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, 1960

photo by Eve Arnold

Or when her hair is pulled. Powerful, sad photo, this.

February 8th, 2012

superseventies: Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart, and Bebe Buell out…


Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart, and Bebe Buell out on the town.