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February 10th, 2012

bradelterman: San Fernando Valley Girls signed print for…


San Fernando Valley Girls signed print for Naomi. 

Photo: Brad Elterman Archives

OMG Naomi! Mr. Elterman is sending this, I believe, in gratitude for this lovely story she wrote about another photo.

February 10th, 2012

It is impressive that the writing about LDR is so bad that even people who think she is terrible…

It is impressive that the writing about LDR is so bad that even people who think she is terrible have to take issue with it. 

February 10th, 2012

"1. Go through your piece and flip the gender of your descriptive phrases’ subjects. Are there any…"

“1. Go through your piece and flip the gender of your descriptive phrases’ subjects. Are there any that sound ludicrous as a result?

Descriptions of musicians’ looks are just the tip of the iceberg here. Let’s play a game: Could you imagine the following phrase being written, never mind getting through an editor and being published in a major newspaper:

Without straying too far off the indie grid, he’s the perfect antidote to Bon Iver-Radiohead overload—dare we say, a skinnier Damian Abraham, a more stable Kurt Cobain?”

- Maura Johnston, “How Not to Write About Female Musicians: A Handy Guide,” fuck yeah. (via judyxberman)
February 10th, 2012

"watching LDR do this lyrical melodrama while rolling her eyes is…thrilling"



It is possible for for someone to be highly intelligent, and yet have no information. This condition—usually associated with youth or prolonged adolescence—results often in boredom, the existential progenitor of nearly every significant art and cultural movement.[…] Boredom, a brililiant and brazen stupidity, is dazzlingly preemptive. When the bored youth is no longer young, he/she generally enacts his/her own early demise, or devotes him/her-self to acquiring information. Specificity preempts boredom. Like the incandescence of pop, boredom cannot be sustained indefinitely. 

Chris Kraus from Where Art Belongs

If I don’t announce this now I never will so I address, however belatedly, the entire tumblr feminist boredom community and professional LDR thinkers, whom I respected though for some time did not quite follow, when I say:

I get it. 

Something about being mired in anxious futurity dread, moving, multiple infestations, irritable bowel syndrome, and bad sexual decisions has brought me to this place of understanding. In said place watching Lana Del Rey do this lyrical melodrama while rolling her eyes is how else do I put this really thrilling. There’s a moment when you see life’s accumulated groans piled up on itself and suddenly there is nothing else to do but sit beside it. Yawning.

Anyway Lana Del Rey I’m not going to say your interviews aren’t slightly off-putting, they are (yet I like watching them?). I call you a role model ANYWAY. 

yesssssssssss. welcome. i totally get what got you to where you are today, with us. it’s true that i never want to hear her speak, don’t care about her background, nix all of the interviews. her art stands on its own.

I am living next to this, in solidarity, not wholly behind, bec I love the interviews. But I think her awkward literalness (“blind,” “get high,” “insane,” and “die,” in BtD; “favorite sweater” and “no please” in BJ) and skewed vamping (she actually looks cross-eyed in part of BtD; in Video Games she can’t figure out where the camera is) are the underpinnings of the whole persona, for sure. That is kind of what makes the interviews a relief, the videos can make you tense if you pay too much attention to her and not to the spectacle. 

February 10th, 2012

"I am beginning to sense a victory of spirit risen from the death of self-hatred."

“I am beginning to sense a victory of spirit risen from the death of self-hatred.”


The Light of the Fire | June Jordan (via timegrowslarge)


February 10th, 2012

#teamkatstacks pt.2 and the circus that is the pain of woc


Im still on and taking in the full scope of how legions of innanet folks have gathered to openly laugh and cheer on for and at the pain of a woc. I still am ill looking at the excuses given for reveling in her pain: she talks like a chickenhead, shes a sex worker, she ratted out the rapper dudes who fucked her. In short, shes not the perfect lady and shes an undocumented latina so its totes ok to laugh at her videos of her tellin her story of all sorts of rape and abuse and tell her she deserves it. Its ok to grab ur popcorn and root on the grown ass men slapping her around and shoving her off bar stools for the hell of it. Her pain is the utmost entertainment. We love to see and hear of her suffering. Thats what woc are good for. Especially those who arent perfect ladies. Poc— women included, will be the first to get off at the sight of our blood. We hate our women that much. the romans aint got shit on us. We got youtube and worldstarhiphop now.

February 10th, 2012

this is how we compliment now.



“you realize how amazing this email is right? like, its gonna end up in the fales archives.”

death of the author or whatever but i am taking full credit for saying this. it’s all gonna end up in the fales archives, be ready. 

Mostly this is awesome because when my wing of the Fales is built (including my full set of Ben is Dead floppy discs! Feminist hoarding archiving!) I will insist every cat photo go in and visitors will also have to listen to a soundtrack made by me.

That said, I have always intended to donate all the relevant stuff to UCLA because it was there, using my mom’s library card and looking at Judy Chicago’s old zines and reading about Womanhouse and other projects, that Darby and I realized that we were part of something that was maybe are/more important than the punk. Of course when she donated the BiD stuff to UCLA she did it under her name and not the mag, which is typical but also annoying and now I am thinking about the BiD documentary and feeling totally nauseous.

Also, I will say that when a certain Punk Feminist Riot Girl sent me an email about her upcoming garage sale/purge giveaway I said “What about your archive” and she was all “I GAVE,” which she did, and we both laughed nervously because it still feels wrong but awesome too. It is amazing how comfortable most dudes—even good dudes—are with being well-known for the most minor of achievements and how uncomfortable women are with getting credit for anything. I mean seriously, there is an ex of mine who I love but I want to die when he notes with faux-modesty that his band was in a Trouser Press book and also once Nirvana opened for them. I mean he doesn’t do it often, but it happens. 

I know I externalize this; there are some women on Tumblr who note their achievements with regularity and it bugs the shit out of me. Working on it. And I know it isnt just sexism and racism although those are big parts of it, it was also my parents freaking out if I got an A- instead of an A but also insisting that I never talk about my grades or doing well in school and never giving me any credit because they didn’t want to make my brother feel bad. Which was well-intentioned but, as many things do, had consequences.

I fear this will all be greatly misunderstood but I don’t have time to talk about everything in therapy, so tumblr it is.