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February 24th, 2012




Hey, if anyone is after ANOTHER super-special, incredibly rare, wildly marginalised, TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD “identity on the inside” to collect, my friends and I have come up with GLAMOURKIN.

You may be sitting at home in a stained tracksuit with unbrushed hair and on a bare mattress but ON THE INSIDE you’re wearing a Liberace rhinestoned jumpsuit with a towering bouffant, on a bed of jewelled roses.  Why the fuck not?

Relevant and harmless. 

February 24th, 2012

My ass implants cost more than your rent, and your man love smacking it.


My love for Kat Stacks: the “Superhero of All Hoes”

I call her Kitty Badazz

“Listen, this what the fuck I’m tellin you!!!!!”

I was pregnant  in jail. My bestfriend set me up. After I got out, I found out my babydaddy was fuckin with that bitch…Immigration got my babydad. He was from Trinidad and Tabago. When my babydaddy was in jail, I started fuckin with Bow Wow and all them. I started drinkin and shit when he was in jail. Bow Wow and them was treatin the bitch like shit. One day I just flipped..

I got turned out in New York, in Brooklyn. I seen girls at like 12 leaning in the street, working with crutches cuz they “daddy” fuckin broke they legs or they shot them. After going through that horrible experience, he (her pimp) put me in the right places where I wouldn’t get hurt at. He put me through all this shit, so I wouldn’t be a weak bitch.

My mother used to never be home… She had me when she was 16. She was a stripper, and doing what she had to do to support me, and my grandma, and our two uncles. So she supported the whole family. The way my uncles raised me, was with alot of punches and stuff. I couldn’t take it anymore. When I left, I met who I thought loved me. He ended up turning me out and making me his bottom bitch in 5 years and his first baby momma ever…

Girls in the game right now, actually hit me up and tell me “Can you help me get out?” I always thank god to have a voice. Cuz when your young you’re taught  to shut the fuck up, put your fuckin face down, and not speak to nobody. That’s how you got taught in the game. Now that I have a voice, it’s like so new to me…

I got bottom bitch for a reason. A bottom bitch is a pimp’s main girl that has been with him from the bottom to the top. They go through hell until they get their money. I worked seven days a week. I was suffering for five fuckin years working for this man.

Well behaved women seldom make history. People tend to dislike people or things that they don’t understand. It’s natural, human beings are very judgmental beings. In general, we ostracize individuals who do not conform to the norms of society and reject their humanity. She’s a feminist and advocate of human sex trafficking in a seemingly distorted way. Regardless of what you may think of her or my post, she stands for something. There are people who identify with where she came from and her personal choices. As much as people would like to reject and stigmatize her behavior, she is a role model to some. She stands for an idea beyond her mistakes, her flaws, and her life.

“You tried to play me with $200?? Oh hell naw, wrong bitch mothafucka!!!!!!!!”