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February 29th, 2012




February 29th, 2012


February 29th, 2012

therichgirlsareweeping: Davy Jones sings “Girl” on “The Brady…


Davy Jones sings “Girl” on “The Brady Bunch”

February 29th, 2012

my response to a show listing on nyulocal that advertised our benefit (it’s not a benefit) as free and called my band "bra-burning feminists, but not annoying about it"


damn kids. GET OFF MY LAWN! also, come to our show.

here’s the show listing.

here’s my response, which i posted in the comments but hasn’t shown up yet:

first of all, thanks for listing our show. we appreciate that. my name’s heidi and i play cello in amy klein and the blue star band.

however, we do not appreciate the following:

-implying that sliding scale = free. that is not what it means. sliding scale is a way of accommodating folks who may not have a lot of cash but don’t want to miss the show. if someone is broke as a joke, yes, we’ll let them in, but by announcing it as free, that disrespects our good will.

-referring to our show as “some feminist benefit” when it is uh, not a benefit. which you would know if you read the facebook invite you linked to in your own article. but if it WAS a benefit, that would make your insinuation that the show is free even more troubling.

-equating feminism with being “bra-burning” and “annoying.” cutting down feminism with tired cliches doesn’t make you appear ironic or witty – it just makes you appear ignorant.


February 29th, 2012

Kathy Acker Interviews the Spice Girls for Vogue in 1997


All Girls Together by Kathy Acker

The Spice Girls are the biggest, brashest girlie group ever to have hit the British mainstream. Kathy Acker is an avant-garde American writer and academic. They met up in New York to swap notes - on boys, girls, politics. And what they really, really want.

Fifty-second street. West Side, New York City. Hell’s Kitchen - one of those areas into which no one would once have walked unless loaded. Guns or drugs or both. But now it has been gentrified: the beautiful people have won. A man in middle-aged-rocker uniform, tight black jeans and nondescript T-shirt, lets Nigel, the photographer, and me through the studio doorway; then a chipmunk-sort-of-guy in shorts, with a Buddha tattooed on one of his arms, greets us warmly. This is Muff, the band’s publicity officer. We’re about to meet the Girls …

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And that is what we mean when we say “Not selling out. Sneaking in.” ™

(™Al FlipSide)

February 29th, 2012

bradelterman: My teenage hose down of Bowie in’75 on Fairfax…


My teenage hose down of Bowie in’75 on Fairfax ave (Taken with instagram)

I know exactly where this was! Chills.

February 29th, 2012

i mean–that’s the difference between white women and women of color as writers.


they have entire organizations working on their visibility and doing research and taking notes on how many of who is getting published.

women of color (and i’m using this as a political term rather than a racial description) get a blog post.

and then get punched in the face for writing the blog post.

so while i strongly support people like champagne candy and emmy doing what they are doing as editors and navigating that space *because they actively work to open that space up to others*—

other folks, i just stare at them and eat my ice cream.

pretty much.

February 29th, 2012

karaj: it was awful. i didn’t even care about the hoarding, i…


it was awful. i didn’t even care about the hoarding, i just wanted the stuff i was uncomfortable with moved. i didn’t want to spend most nights in a place that was so hostile to me. never, never, never again. i’d like to make a joke, but it’s not funny. i think it’s time for the emails. 

No room at the inn. And that’s not a joke bec you are right, it’s not funny.