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March 19th, 2012

Rising Tides

You guys if I have my period for just one week longer I will be tied with certain Biblical events involving an ark. I was very depressed about my ordeal until I realized this. Now I am just waiting for the Whitney to call with the budget for my installation.

March 19th, 2012

curvygirlrevolution:  Melissa McCarthy named one of Glamour…


 Melissa McCarthy named one of Glamour Magazines Hottest Women 2012! :) Is this true?

UPDATE: SHE IS!!! thanks perfectallround

She’s number 20

Here’s the proof!

March 19th, 2012

dollarstore-princess: a-bayani: sometimescoherent: Fucking…




Fucking Trans Women is a zine project with a simple (yet very important goal): “Talking to other trans women about sex, and writing it all down.”

From the creator:

Trans women are told things about our sexualities all the time, but only rarely are we given the opportunity to say something about our own sex lives. Sex is a very important part of my life, a very important part of all our lives, but so very little writing has been done on the sex lives of trans women that doesn’t write us off in one way or another. I found myself looking for a guide, an instruction manual, anything beyond essays on gender and problems. Fucking Trans Women is that guide.

The zine aspires to be a collaborate effort giving voice to the wide range of trans* women’s sexual experiences. The first issue, #0, is an impressive 80 pages of “how-to guides, sex stories, comics and diagrams, trashy art, and so much more” done in a style drawing from punk and dyke zine aesthetics. The down-loadable version is available here for a measly $5. Great for trans women, partners of trans women, and those curious about fucking trans women.

every time i see this on the internet i think about how awesome it is and wish it was available in a print version! or maybe a more accessible pdf i guess (i haven’t actually seen the pdf, but judging from what the text looks like here and the previews on the website i probably can’t read it on a computer)

This was a great zine.

Nothing against perzines but I love community zines the best.

March 19th, 2012

Shoes on the woman on the left are important.

Shoes on the woman on the left are important.