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March 23rd, 2012

KONY 2012’s funders: JP Morgan, Chase Bank and Exxon Mobil

KONY 2012's funders: JP Morgan, Chase Bank and Exxon Mobil:







Chase Bank contributed $1 million to Invisible Children to help them produce the KONY 2012 campaign, among other programs. JP Morgan Chase is also a major investment banker of Tullow Oil. That’s right, the oil company that needs US military help to pump oil out of Uganda.

This is extremely disturbing.

For everyone who might’ve been called a conspiracy theorist when KONY 2012 first came out and swore up and down that this was a distraction to get Ugandan oil,

You officially have the right to say “I TOLD YOU SO.”

what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

big fucking surprise

ALWAYS follow the money.

And Oprah gave them $2 million

March 23rd, 2012

so-treu: baddominicana: all hail betty davis “if im in luck,…



all hail betty davis

“if im in luck, well, i just might get picked up, im fishin, trickin, you can call it what you want, yeah, said im wigglin my fanny, raunchy dancing, im movin it, movin it, this is my night out. try not to pass this up”

fuck madonna. betty did it first.

you guys don’t understand how much i love this woman. like, you really don’t.

i. LOVE. this woman.


March 23rd, 2012



March 23rd, 2012

Hunger Games Spoils

Mike: After teasing you about talking to the screen, I realized that I was one of the people talking to the screen!
Me: I felt bad that Suzanne and Anne were crying. I mean, I feel bad that I laughed when they cried.
Mike: I was upset about little Rue, and I sort of loved Elizabeth Banks’ outfits. I also want the train wallpaper for my apartment.
Me: I feel we were cheated in not getting to see Peeta whip out his makeup quiver and create his rock face.
Mike: YES! He was so arty. I loved how everyone laughed when they cut back to the dude she left in the coal mine to take care of her sister.
Me: Was that entire character a blind date video for Taylor Swift?
Mike: Was the whole movie basically about gay sophisticates making straight kids do things to each other? If so, where was Larry Clark?
Me: Also was the wardrobe concept for the townies “Tall Munchkin”?
Mike: Meets Louis XIV
Mikki: This is all going on tumblr btw.
Mike: Obvs.