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April 4th, 2012

karaj: pre-transformation-ritual thoughts:  it was really nice…


pre-transformation-ritual thoughts: 

  • it was really nice of karen to give all of us granola
  • “it produces a different kind of intellectual subjectivity for you guys” 
  • it really is 20 years. “wastefully” is such a complicated word. promises fulfilled. 
  • in other words, to quote deleuze: “to the extent that events are actualized in us, they wait for us and invite us in. they signal us: ‘my wound existed before me, i was born to embody it.’” 
  • (i never actually thought i was getting out of here without staying in a psych ward or having crazy writer boyfriends.)  
  • do i need to make a spotify mix? 
  • if i didn’t care about having kids i would never second-guess anything, honestly, everything would be perfect.
  • why did i private that thing mikki said after posting it? i am unprivating it. 
  • that thing about academics being bad writers is a lie. most of the most beautiful writers i know are in my program. 
  • is it okay to study for exams by reading through your tumblr a few times because you just can’t bear anything else? also is anything funnier than everyone in our department being “all like a theoretical disagreement away from mass murder, let’s be real”? i mean everyone really has been very generous with me but also.  
  • the line “i have to say…it’s his own words and actions that incriminate him” is hilarious. 
  • last year around this time i sent a friend an email saying that i wondered just how weird i would get given that i really only had one last tether to normalcy. the tether is gone and the question remains: how weird? i laugh every time i think about it. 
  • i’m psyched to get my nails done tomorrow. 
  • i don’t know, i’ve got a little longer for these musings. 

My only concern about your current path is that you’ve mentioned granola twice in the last week or so.

April 4th, 2012

superseventies: ‘I never even thought of burning my bra until I…


I never even thought of burning my bra until I discovered Smirnoff’ - 1970s advertisement.