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April 13th, 2012

me: (sending photo) check out my new chair!

me: (sending photo) check out my new chair!
not me: that is exactly the same as your other chair.
me: I know! I got a new one that exactly matches the vintage one! It's so deep! Remember how I had that orange ikea table and then I got the vintage one that was the same?
not me: I remember how that blew your mind. You still like to point it out to people.
April 13th, 2012

If you’re running from ground forces, they will expect you to seek the higher ground to survey…

If you’re running from ground forces, they will expect you to seek the higher ground to survey potential pathways. You could be better off going through ravines and passes. Try to veer to your less dominant side—trackers know that right-handers who are relying on their internal sense of direction will tend to circle right, and left-handers will circle to the left. (There is no information on the ambidextrous and for those who know my love of hand transplant stories, YES! I did think, I wonder which way a fugitive with a hand transplant would veer but this might require some FOIA work.)

Do not stay on the run indefinitely. When you feel you have eluded any imminent capture, begin establishing your new identity.

More from How to Disappear in America, the greatest $5 I have ever spent.

April 13th, 2012


April 13th, 2012


April 13th, 2012

fyeahwomenartists: (via Vagina’s Spring 2012 Issue by…


(via Vagina’s Spring 2012 Issue by Hillary-Anne Crosby — Kickstarter)

Have a spare $5? Support Vagina Zine!

Austin readers - they’re having their release party at Cheerup Charlies on May 4th.

April 13th, 2012

christopherwhitelaw: entertainmentweekly: So can we talk about…



So can we talk about how Sabrina is getting an “edgy” reboot which recasts her as a magical superhero? And how Salem’s a “transformed prince” who also serves as Sabrina’s love interest? And how this seems like it could be even worse than Michael Bay’s “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are neither mutants nor teenagers” movie?


April 13th, 2012

All the Sad Young Pretty Girls of Color

All the Sad Young Pretty Girls of Color:


Knowing your subjectivity will never truly be accessible, or palpable to the white imagination is, at its core, an empathy issue. Empathy is to be able to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. You don’t have to understand everyone but you have to be able to feel for them when you think about who they are, and where they’ve been.

Empathy should be colorblind. Some white people can’t, and won’t read anything by women of color. Women of color are so far outside the scope of the imagination for them. Lest we are performing for them, women of color are invisible. Show me a woman of color who has a readership but doesn’t touch on the touchy social fact of race, and I’ll show you someone who made a decision to appeal to white sensibilities before her own sensibilities. I’ll show you a performance artist well-versed in the art of shucking, and jiving. 

Where’s the woman of color Elizabeth Wurtzel, or Lauren Slater? How the fuck can there be two borderline identical books about white girls with depression (Prozac Diary and Prozac Nation), but not a single book like that from the perspective of a woman of color? Where are all the sad young pretty girls of color? 

Readers of color know how to default to white. We know how to fade to white in our minds. We can, and do place ourselves in white people’s shoes. Effortlessly. Too bad our shoes don’t fit anyone else but us.

This is in response to this


April 13th, 2012

yama-bato: Picasso hangs his latest creation, his self-portrait…


Picasso hangs his latest creation, his self-portrait as an owl, on the wall of Villa La Californie, 1957. The collage consists of Duncan’s photograph of Picasso’s eyes, glued to a canvas, covered by a paper and charcoal owl created by Picasso.

Rare find of pre-Etsy owl art.

April 13th, 2012

cabinporn: Sod roof houses in Vik, Iceland. Photo by Gilles…


Sod roof houses in Vik, Iceland. Photo by Gilles Baldet. The birdhouses are my favorite detail.

I live for A-frames; also A-line skirts and dresses. Perhaps I can be in a children’s book someday.

April 13th, 2012

redlightpolitics: 14kgoldnyc replied to your post: Leadership and responsibility I think the issue…


14kgoldnyc replied to your post: Leadership and responsibility

I think the issue is that she’s NOT in a position of responsibility. She’s never claimed to be a feminist figurehead; it was a role the media assigned to her. She’s thus one by default, but *that*, at least, isn’t her doing. And you know I detet her.

 In this I disagree. If you check the link I included in the post, she lent herself to be featured in this position. She was photographed and interviewed as a “feminist leader”. If you do not want to position yourself as such, you decline such feature. Once you agree to have your name associated with feminist leadership, the responsibilities do kick in.

I refuse to consider the women in that story or pretty much any story on “zomg young/new/pretty/hip/whatever feminist” leaders of anything but themselves. I’m tired of feminists, or any movement, getting caught up in media recognition, wasting time angling for it or bemoaning it, or being professional explainers of any of the above. Jessica Coen is a feminist leader and spokesperson to the people I know who care about feminism and gender liberation and work for it about as much as, I don’t know, Garfield is one for cats, although Garfield is pretty funny. The whole thing just begets more “I can wear fishnets AND be a feminist? And have sex too? Sign me up and point me to my blogging platform!” crap and really, fuck it all.

ETA, if disclosure is necessary, I wrote a story once for her at NY Mag, it wasn’t about feminism and it was a typical freelance experience, I really have no opinion on her as a person one way or the other, don’t read her Twitter, don’t read that site, don’t care.

ETAA I didnt read the NY mag story, (see: not caring) but I have a vague idea of who was in it (see: people boring me by being mad or happy about it)