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April 16th, 2012


The hardest one! (TWSS)

1. I hate it. I often want to apologize to people for its very existence.

2. I have nerve damage on my left side that causes muscle spasms and sometimes a kind of paralysis.

3. People tell me I have nicely-shaped feet.

4. This.

5. I have a lot of scars including three that I can attribute to burritos.

April 16th, 2012

Here’s your chance

Here's your chance:




Red: 5 facts about my body
Pink: 4 facts about my childhood
White: 3 facts about my personality
Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things
Black: 1 fact about the person I like

consenting to this

I feel like I’m back on Myspace, but I’m busy not writing English papers, so go for it.

Do eet! I am lonely and feel ignored. TUMBLR

April 16th, 2012

isabelthespy: thestateimin: Lena Dunham responds to the issue…



Lena Dunham responds to the issue of race (and only having white main characters) in Girls. 

lol k i’m not gonna say that was the worst way to respond to that (extremely even-handed) question, but oh man, i… i mean, i just don’t think you wish very hard, is all. is not all, but is all i’m going to say.


April 16th, 2012

I am a feminist because I just like to click “Yes!” Also, positive reTweeting.

I am a feminist because I just like to click “Yes!” Also, positive reTweeting.

April 16th, 2012







we tried to have an entire conversation about feminism or gender without anyone using the word “individual”?




“won’t someone think of the upwardly mobile white ladies” is my new catchphrase

i need feminism because i am trying to be a downwardly mobile white lady. 


April 16th, 2012

The Doula Project is Recruiting

Hey friends!
The Doula Project is seeking smart, awesome, caring people to join our
organization in New York City!

What is a Doula?
The word doula is an ancient Greek term that translates to “caregiver.”  A
doula provides emotional support, pain management and relaxation
techniques, and information to her clients as needed.

Birth - A Birth Doula will provide all of the above throughout a client’s
labor and delivery, as well as the immediate postpartum period (about two
hours after the baby has been born).  The doula meets with clients
prenatally to talk about birthing preferences, the creation of a birth
plan, and to practice different positions and relaxation techniques for
labor. Additionally, a birth doula provides a postpartum visit to review
the client’s birth experience and refer them to any resources they may
need.  Birth doulas are on call for their clients for five weeks, from
week 37 – 42 of their pregnancies.

Abortion- An Abortion Doula will provide all of the above to clients who
are choosing to terminate the pregnancy.  The doula will stay with the
client throughout her procedure, as well as part of the recovery period,
and will remain in touch with the client as she desires thereafter.

About The Doula Project:
The Doula Project is a pro-choice New York City-based organization that
was started in 2007 to provide free services to lower-income individuals
across the spectrum of pregnancy. It was founded by pro-choice doulas and
reproductive justice activists, two of whom currently serve as the Project
Co-Coordinators. The Project is a volunteer led and run organization that
trains and manages its own doula base. We currently have 3 programs that
serve the greater NYC area:

 1) To provide doula care to people facing abortion, miscarriage, and
stillbirth (in partnership with a Manhattan Public Hospital and Planned
Parenthood in  Brooklyn and the Bronx). You do not have to be a birth
doula to serve as an abortion doula. We train our own volunteers on this
component of care.

2) To provide doula care to people choosing adoption (in partnership with
Spence Chapin Adoption Agency). Please be a trained birth doula to apply.
We do not require a lot of experience, only a formal training with an
established doula certifying program.

3) To provide doula care on a case by case basis to lower-income
individuals who are not affiliated with either of our partner
organizations.  Please be a trained birth doula to apply. We do not
require a lot of experience, only a formal training with an established
doula certifying program.

 We are recruiting doulas for all components of our mission, though
priority is given to those who are interested in being both Birth and
Abortion Doulas. While you are not required to serve as a doula for all
components, you are expected to support the mission and values of the
entire project and the work each individual doula engages in.  You are
also expected to attend all components of our training. We encourage you
to apply for all components of our work!

Abortion Doulas:
We are looking for people interested in training as abortion doulas to
work with clients in NYC clinics and hospitals. Doulas will be present and
provide emotional support to clients before, during and after abortions.
We are looking for people who can work at least 2 weekdays a month as well
as complete 40 hours of training, provided by The Doula Project, in the
summer of 2012.  Trained birth doulas are particularly encouraged to
apply, though we are excited to bring on reproductive health and justice
activists who have no prior doula training.

Job description:
*Report to the assigned hospital/clinic each workday
*Meet with clients in the clinic/hospital before abortion and answer any
questions/concerns, help fill out paperwork, and provide pre-abortion
*Provide client with emotional support during abortion (includes 1st and
2nd trimester and laminaria placements). Please note: This means you will
be expected to be in the operating room with the client as needed.
*Provide clients with your number to call you anytime to talk after abortion.
*Meet with clients anytime if desired after abortion

*Commit to two 5- 8-hour weekdays per month (Monday – Friday 9-5PM)
*Commit to meeting with the client outside of clinic setting after
abortion, if desired
*Provide personal number to client as desired
*Attend monthly abortion doula meetings
*Attend 40 hours of training in the summer of 2012 (includes 25 hours
classroom over the course of one week/15hours clinic over the course of
three to four weekdays)
*At least one-year commitment to project
*When working in hospital/clinic settings, become hospital/clinic
volunteer and go through volunteer training

 Adoption and Birth Doulas:
We are looking for previously trained birth doulas to work with birth moms
who may be choosing adoption and with clients who cannot otherwise afford
doula care.  We partner with Spence-Chapin to provide doula support to
their clients and support low-income clients who sign up through our
website, free of charge.  You do not have to have a lot of experience as a
doula and will work as part of a two-person doula team. A back-up doula
will always be provided for every birth.

Job description:
*Coordinate with your partner doula to ensure that at least one of you
will be available at all times during your five-week on-call period.
*Meet with clients, for a minimum of two prenatal visits as desired by the
client and as time allows
*Assist client in the creation of a birth plan
*Answer questions and provide resources per client’s request
*Remain in constant contact with client before and during the on-call
period, and after, as client desires
*Provide continuous support at the time of the client’s labor and delivery
*Meet with clients for a minimum of one postpartum visit after the birth,
as the client desires

*Participate in adoption training with Spence-Chapin (part of larger
training we provide)
*Commit to one (1) birth every 6 weeks
*Commit to a minimum of two prenatal visits and one postpartum visit
*Commit to the five-week on-call period with your partner doula.  At least
one of you must be available at all times during the on-call period.
*Provide personal cell phone or pager number to clients
*At least one-year commitment to the project
*Adhere to Doula Project and Spence-Chapin policies and protocols.

Doula training will take place the weekend of July 14th and 15th
(9am-5pm), and July 17th and 19th (6pm-8pm). In order to offset some of
the cost of the training workshops, we will be asking each applicant
accepted to the Doula Project to pay $25 on the first day of training.  We
recognize that this may be difficult for some of us; if this is the case
for you, please just drop us a line.  We will waive the workshop fee, no
questions asked.

 How to apply:
Go to:
People with experience in doula work, reproductive health, rights and
justice   work, abortion counseling or health services are encouraged to
apply. People of color, queer and trans people and Spanish speakers are
strongly desired. People with flexible/free weekdays are ideal.  While we
are willing to negotiate for the right person, priority will be given to
those who can commit to at least two weekdays a month.

*Abortion doulas and births doulas who take births through our website
will serve in an unpaid volunteer capacity. Adoption doulas will receive
small stipends through the adoption agency. We realize this is a big time
commitment and will do everything possible to take care of our doulas and
work within your schedules.*

If you are interested in working with us, we are accepting applications now
through May 14th. Please send completed applications to

April 16th, 2012

Ian MacKaye turned 50 today


Ian and Carmine Mackaye

I was lucky enough to interview him a few times, including one that appears in the Punk Planet book. There’s an exchange in that interview that, as I get older, I think about often:

I was cleaning my room once and I was listening to Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant was going on and on about all of these seemingly adult kind of things and I realized he was eighteen when he did that record—I was probably twenty-nine years old at the time—and I just thought, “Oh my god, I’m twenty-nine years old and I never became an adult.” Here’s Robert Plant and he’s eighteen and he’s singing about having his own apartment and running around town. To me, he seemed so adult. I called my dad and I said, “Dad, I’m kinda freaking out over here. I’m twenty-nine years old and I’m starting to realize that I’m a man, but I never made that transition.” And he said, “Well, I’ll tell you two things. First off, I see you as a man, as an adult man. You’re not a kid. And the second thing is that I can’t see myself as a man.” He was sixty at the time and he hadn’t come to terms with it either. It was nice and terrible at the same time to realize that that transition is a difficult one.

Happy Birthday, Ian.

The above photo of Ian and his son, Carmine, is (cc) Nick Helderman

Forever love.

April 16th, 2012

superseventies: Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks


Stevie Nicks