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April 18th, 2012

theswingingsixties: Paul in the bath.


Paul in the bath.

April 18th, 2012

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We are so excited to be featured alongside a bunch of other amazing organizations in this week’s Time Out NY! Read the feature!

Worth mentioning that blonde girl who looks like Robyn is our very own Sophie. 

So your “very own Sophie” thinks that appropriating the black power fist for white lady causes is a fine thing to do? Good to know.

Maybe I’m bias because I intern in the same office where Sophie works,  but as far as I know the fist doesn’t belong exclusively to the black power movement - in fact that particular image has been around a while, and appears about 11 or 12 times on the first page of the google search for “feminist symbol.” And yes, mainstream feminism is far from intersectional, but Permanent Wave seems fairly open to issues that lie beyond the straight-white-cis perspective. 

Personally, I associate the fist more with solidarity than with any particular movement. Of course I’m by no means an expert and again, I’m probably bias, so what does everyone else think?  

well, seeing as how the fist as a symbol associated SPECIFICALLY with the Black Power Movement PRECEDED the feminist movement by a significant amount of time, yes. you are wrong. very.

Fist symbol for solidarity predates Black Power Movement—was used by labor unions and such. The black fist is specifically associated with the Black Power Movement, though. The glyph of a fist inside the “woman” symbol is usually red and didn’t start being used by white feminists until 1969 or 70—well after the BPM and probably very much appropriating the BPM use of the symbol.

April 18th, 2012

Pop Quiz: Can you name them??

Pop Quiz: Can you name them??

April 18th, 2012

kvltkunt: rather than merely fulfill- or even disavow- the…


rather than merely fulfill- or even disavow- the stupid expectations we exceed them by engulfing ourselves in it, wearing high heels and fucking, refusing all these ‘radical feminist’ pretentious of destroying patriarchy and not engaging with it.  The logical conclusion: ‘gender strike’, then, attempted through the total (dis) embodiment of the most violent gendering process: a performance of gender merging ultra-femininity with ultra-masculinity undermines the affirmation of every notion of gender.  

Here, Lacan’s statement makes sense: woman is the phallus.  Pure semblance, of power, of vulnerability, of artifice.  We perform the facade perfectly.  

-KISS ME or FUCK ME or RAPE ME {letters to chris kraus} by D.E. Machina