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June 12th, 2012

thegang: Portrait of Sylvia Rivera (1951-2002) posing in front…


Portrait of Sylvia Rivera (1951-2002) posing in front of her altar to Marsha P. Johnson (1944-1992), by Valerie Shaff, ca. 2000

In the early 1970’s Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson co-founded S.T.A.R., Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, an organization designed to achieve rights for her community, and provide social services to this largely ignored and stigmatized group. For a short while she and Marsha P. Johnson ran S.T.A.R. House which provided shelter for homeless young street queens. Lack of funds and problems with the certificate of occupancy for S.T.A.R. House, forced the abandonment of the venture at that time, but Rivera never lost the dream of creating a supportive and safe living space for young transgender people.

Rivera was greatly disillusioned with the desire of many early gay and lesbian activists to distance the gay movement from transvestites, drag queens, and other gender variant people, in spite of the fact that these people were often the “shock troops” for the entire gay community.

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project notes,

A veteran of the 1969 Stonewall uprising, Sylvia was a tireless advocate for all those who have been marginalized as the “gay rights” movement has mainstreamed. Sylvia fought hard against the exclusion of transgender people from the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act in New York, and was a loud and persistent voice for the rights of people of color and low-income queers and trans people.

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June 12th, 2012

rgr-pop: katydidnot: per request the story it is:  my roommate valerie was making cupcakes for a…



per request the story it is: 

my roommate valerie was making cupcakes for a joint birthday party/show and i walked into the kitchen and was asking about the cupcakes and she was like, “i have put a clump of my hair into one of the cupcakes. if you get the hair cupcake, you win a prize.” 

i was not really sure if she was serious or not. later i mentioned this to dena and daniel, who both thought she was not serious. she was serious.

near the end of the show, someone (was it tobin? i do not remember) got the hair-cupcake, and was really excited about it. he brought it to valerie and she gave him the prize! the prize was a doll that she had made out of her ex-boyfriend’s hair. 

can i submit this story to bakeitinacake 

this is one of my favorite stories. i told you guys this was a good story. who is this girl? will she be my girlfriend?

Valerie is where it’s at.

June 12th, 2012

adrowningwoman: Marina Abramović – Rhythm 2 As an experiment…


Marina Abramović - Rhythm 2

As an experiment testing whether a state of unconsciousness could be incorporated into a performance, Abramović devised a performance in two parts.

In the first part, she took a pill prescribed for catatonia, a condition in which a person’s muscles are immobilized and remain in a single position for hours at a time. Being completely healthy, Abramović’s body reacted violently to the drug, experiencing seizures and uncontrollable movements for the first half of the performance. While lacking any control over her body movements, her mind was lucid, and she observed what was occurring.

Ten minutes after the effects of that drug had worn off, Abramović ingested another pill—this time one prescribed for aggressive and depressed people—which resulted in general immobility. Bodily she was present, yet mentally she was completely removed. (In fact, she has no memory of the lapsed time.) This project was an early component of her explorations of the connections between body and mind, which later took her to Tibet and the Australian desert Following Rhythm 2, she set to develop the rest of the series of rhythm projects, continually testing her endurance.

June 12th, 2012

What color cake do you make after you spay or neuter your pet?

June 12th, 2012

superseventies: Biba fashions, 1970s.


Biba fashions, 1970s.

June 12th, 2012

updownsmilefrown: Gloria H. Richardson, a civil rights leader…


Gloria H. Richardson, a civil rights leader in Cambridge, Maryland, responds to an order from a National Guardsman enforcing martial law, 1963

by Fred Ward


June 12th, 2012

oxxenfree: Weighing in on Ira Gray and trans radical masculinity (just clicking publish)

oxxenfree: Weighing in on Ira Gray and trans radical masculinity (just clicking publish):


We need … a masculinity that is not painful for those who wear it or those who fall in love with it or for those who interact with it. Radical masculinity does not hurt. –Sinclair Sexsmith

For what it’s worth, I don’t stand by Ira Gray (tw for rape, sexual assault, rape apologism), and I…

June 12th, 2012

Tea and Insanity: Burnt arm. YOUCH.

Tea and Insanity: Burnt arm. YOUCH.:



This, is my arm. A little hairy with scars. But it’s my arm.

I mixed Gelatine with 2 tablespoons of water and slapped it onto my arm quick, because it sets EXTREMELY fast. It does stink as well. I name it “Wet dog smell”. I tried to make it as rough as possible because…

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHHHHH that’s really cool I have to reblog this.

Halloween is only 141 days away everyone.

June 12th, 2012

"Because I’m femme–and more complicated than ‘femme’–one-lens visibility reduces me to how I look:…"

“Because I’m femme–and more complicated than ‘femme’–one-lens visibility reduces me to how I look: cis, white, small, housed. I know that “visibility” erases parts of me, and so I don’t want to use it for myself or for other femmes when trying to connect across our differences. I ache to find ways to respect the needs for safety and economic survival that certain lenses of visibility gives to those who pass within it, even while I work to pull the world that privileges these frameworks apart. And, I ache to dismantle the importance of invisibility as a conversation for those to whom it does not apply because that conversation itself is invisibilizing [so meta.] This framework is a sideshow made up of mirrors, some of which reflect and some of which don’t. It’s not a useful home for our complicated, giant, many identities… Visibility fails us as a standard to understand one another with. It fails complexity, inclusion, and intersectionality. It fails trans* femmes, poor/working class folks, sex workers, people of color, dis/abled people. FAIL. There is no totalizing Visibility, and we need to stop seeking the panopticon: the looker in our head is policing our variant and vibrant beauties. We can do WAY better than in/visibility.”


femmetech, “Deprivileging In/visibility” (via suzy-x)