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July 4th, 2012

"I have a drill and a saw attachment for it!?"

“I have a drill and a saw attachment for it!?”

- counting this as a sext sent to p-s
July 4th, 2012

Helen Reddy believes this.

Helen Reddy believes this.

July 4th, 2012

superseventies: T. Rex – 20th Century Boy – 1973 TV…


T. Rex - 20th Century Boy - 1973 TV performance

July 4th, 2012

democracylookslike: Thousands of Indians oppose Koodankulam…


Thousands of Indians oppose Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP). Here dozens of women lie on the railroad tracks to oppose movement of any materials in and out of the dangerous plant.

July 4th, 2012

buypositively: Income inequality, as seen from space May 24,…

Woodlawn, Chicago

Hyde Park, Chicago


Income inequality, as seen from space

Last week, I wrote about how urban trees—or the lack thereof—can reveal income inequality. After writing that article, I was curious, could I actually see income inequality from space? It turned out to be easier than I expected.

Below are satellite images from Google Earth that show two neighborhoods from a selection of cities around the world. In case it isn’t obvious, the first image is the less well-off neighborhood, the second the wealthier one.

Click here for full story + more cities from Google Earth

When the law changed and you could get trees planted without the building owner’s permission, a lot of people were organizing in North Brooklyn to get trees planted. With all of the industrial waste in our soil, and the truck traffic, and the oil spill, there’s a significant air quality issue and the area is something like third-to-last on the underplanted list. The administration distributes all this material about how trees are so good, and they mention how they raise property values—and that’s why trees aren’t an unqualified good thing.

If trees get planted in your neighborhood, and it’s mostly a rental population—considered “transient” by urban planners even if your family has been there for generations—they can speed up gentrification. Suddenly the neighborhood looks nicer. Property values go up, rents go up, buildings get sold, they get torn down for “luxury housing,” and the community gets displaced.

This is a serious consideration on the Southside of Williamsburg, and in parts of Bushwick. (The areas I am familiar with, as far as local politics.) I don’t know how to fix it. I do know that the community has every right to say “We don’t want your trees,” and it’s not because they’re uneducated about the benefits. It’s because they know who gets to enjoy those benefits.

July 4th, 2012

greenogry: dolphinsuspicious: folkinz: “So, like, right now…




“So, like, right now for example. The Haitians need to come to America. But some people are all, “What about the strain on our resources?” Well, it’s like when I had this garden party for my father’s birthday, right? I put R.S.V.P. ‘cause it was a sit-down dinner. But some people came that, like, did not R.S.V.P. I was, like, totally buggin.’ I had to haul ass to the kitchen, redistribute the food and squish in extra place settings. But by the end of the day it was, like, the more the merrier. And so if the government could just get to the kitchen, rearrange some things, we could certainly party with the Haitians. And in conclusion, may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty. Thank you very much.” - Cher Horowitz

July 4th, 2012

machamechamama: and: *F*eminist is a *critique*. when you imagine my voice saying this word—please…


and: *F*eminist is a *critique*.

when you imagine my voice saying this word—please feel free to imagine a snarl on my face when i say it. it is a *critique* and it comes with value judgement.

i’ve never needed to be attributed. women of color have used the word repeatedly without ever once attributing me and i haven’t ever one single time EVER thought even for a *second* on it. because I know that THEY are using it with a full and complete understanding of the critique.

but this is what makes me mad.

somehow “attribute” became code white folk word for “basic respect.”

can you talk about the theories/analysis of women of color without being astonished that you really aren’t the first person to come up with the idea?

do you see that the *surprise* you show that you aren’t the expert you thought you were is what all of us sees and understands and is so fucking familiar to our very DNA that it sort of makes us gag a bit when we see it?

oh, fuck, white folks are *surprised* again.

do you know that *surprise* is what lets *F*eminists get away with culling words like “justice” and “accountable” and “transformative”?

because it makes *sense* that some chicanas are baby carrying anchor babies and that we present a *problem* to the immigration system—but it’s a shock! a suprise! that some poor mami in the rust belt could ever possibly come up with anything that contributes to anything important? i.e. white discourse?

why is it easier to insist on attribution from your punk white asses than it is to explain basic fucking human respect?

why do you understand *ownership*, but basic respect as a deep thinking *equal* to you is some astonishing ass shit and you need some links?

tumblr is my think tank

July 4th, 2012

My best hope for the summer is that the wasp nest above the garden door scares my neighbors away so I have it all to myself again.

July 4th, 2012

cynicalidealism: Moheeba Khorshid, Palestinian freedom fighter,…


Moheeba Khorshid, Palestinian freedom fighter, the leader of “Daisy flower” organisation in Yafa, Palestine

July 4th, 2012

matthewedwards: electrichoney: Galaxie 500 – “Fourth of…



Galaxie 500 - “Fourth of July”



18 years ago at MacWorld Boston I was bored to death working in my company’s booth when I met a charming fellow named Damon Krukowski and later, the lovely Naomi. I think it was a couple of years at least before we even realized the music connection. We all got cats and email at the same time and we’ve been friends ever since. You guys should follow him on tumblr: International Sad Hits