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July 13th, 2012

"Trauma impels people both to withdraw from close relationships and to seek them desperately. The…"

“Trauma impels people both to withdraw from close relationships and to seek them desperately. The profound disruption in basic trust, the common feelings of shame, guilt, and inferiority, and the need to avoid reminders of the trauma that might be found in social life, all foster withdrawal from close relationships. But the terror of the traumatic event intensifies the need for protective attachments. The traumatized person therefore frequently alternates between isolation and anxious clinging to others. […] It results in the formation of intense, unstable relationships that fluctuate between extremes.”

- Judith Herman in Trauma and Recovery (via psychologicalsnippets)
July 13th, 2012

superseventies: John Denver & Cass Elliot — Leaving On A…


John Denver & Cass Elliot — Leaving On A Jet Plane - The Midnight Special, 1972.

I love that moment when she unclasps her arms.

July 13th, 2012

does anyone know what this is from?

does anyone know what this is from?

July 13th, 2012

atonals: by Katharina Schildgen


by Katharina Schildgen

July 13th, 2012

jhameia: freececemcdonald: Hello CeCe Supporters! The Call-In…



Hello CeCe Supporters!

The Call-In campaign for CeCe to get her correct dosage of hormones was an incredible success!  The prison’s health administration were so “inconvenienced”, they were compelled to clear the issue immediately.

CeCe is doing fine and looking fabulous.  She is steadily devouring the books that everyone is sending - currently she is reading Angela Davis and is totally inspired.

She spoke a bit about the push from some supporters to launch large-scale campaigns to get Gov. Mark Dayton to pardon her, and/or to have her moved to a women’s facility.  She talked about how these campaigns would not only not benefit her, but how they exceptionalize her in a way that she doesn’t want.  

The pardoning process would not only be painful for her, but were she even to get considered, it wouldn’t be until after she served her sentence.  She thinks about people incarcerated for much longer terms than she, and for incredibly minor offenses (mostly drug related). Even if the emotional hardship of the process was something she felt up for, and even if the slim chance of it working actually succeeded, the outcome of her getting a pardon while others sat in prison is antithetical to her values and the whole reason she is struggling against this racist system in the first place. 

As for being transfered to a women’s facility, her thoughts are:  Prison sucks.  Period.  CeCe is not safe in any prison, women’s or men’s.  Prisons are not safe for anyone.  Period.  CeCe asserts (as do we) that incarcerated individuals should be able to decide for themselves where they would be safest within the system.  For now, CeCe is fine being in a men’s facility.  For supporters to push for her to be transferred from one hell to another only serves the purpose of misdirecting energy away from the real problems of incarceration in america, and the problem of the Prison Industrial Complex as a whole.  

To sum it up:  CeCe does not want supporters to launch long-term campaigns on her behalf that exceptionalize her situation..  Also importantly, these specific campaigns: a pardon from Gov. Dayton and getting transferred to a women’s facility, wouldn’t actually be beneficial to her at all.  Short term campaigns such as call-ins to administration, and media blasts, are targeted efforts that let the DOC know that CeCe has widespread support, and it sends a message that we are watching them and will respond to prisoner’s needs - CeCe’s today, and other incarcerated transpeople tomorrow.

CeCe sends her love and gratitude to everyone who called-in on her behalf.  She wishes that every wrongly incarcerated person had the same incredible support that she has, and prays for a world without bars, a world without cells.

Towards Justice,
CeCe Support Committee

Shit, CeCe is amazing. 

July 13th, 2012

"Sometimes you just have to give in to your inner rich girl."

A quote from Theresa, who we toasted last night with much too much Taittinger’s. Also more of my friends need to join private clubs* because I’m done with regular bars.  I’ll restart my National Arts Club membership if I have to.**

*Not that one on 14th St, boring people and bad champs. And not Uni clubs, ugh.

**I just remembered I belong to the Green Street Club in Greenpoint, which has canned beer and good AC. Who’s in?

July 13th, 2012

the introvert’s haiku


i love you but if
i don’t leave right fucking now
i’ll have to kill you

July 13th, 2012

futureshipwreck: Pink, 2012by Sara Cwynar from her show…


Pink, 2012
by Sara Cwynar

from her show Accidental Archives opening today at Cooper Cole gallery.

July 13th, 2012




I totally thought they were lies too!  Unbelievably shocked when i saw real ones.

July 13th, 2012



including myself

I went one year when I worked at 17 and I hadn’t been drinking any water really all week because I was driving around to try and see my friends and there’s nowhere to pee, and then on the day of the TCA we were out in the hot sun forever and Barry Watson yelled at me and then I hallucinated and went to the hospital for dehydration TRUE STORY.