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August 31st, 2012

otherxcore: For the anon who asked for pictures of my room….


For the anon who asked for pictures of my room. I’ll give you a little tour. (I’m so pissed that I used flash for, like, two of these as opposed to natural lighting. Flash makes shit uglier and my room is gross enough as it is.)

First off, like I said, nothing in here has changed since maybe 2006 at the latest, so don’t judge too hard for anything other than the mess.

  1. This is a view of my room from the doorway. In this shot, you can see that I keep most of my clothes at the foot of my bed and love to keep things in unstable stacks. You might also notice the Nightmare Before Christmas poster and Halloween wreath on the door.
  2. I got the greatest “Girls Rule” sign ever at Mervyn’s in maybe third grade and it hasn’t moved once. For some reason, Trent Reznor is on my wall, as well as way too many AFI pictures and a few of Rancid. I have a thing for fake roses.
  3. This is a view of my closet, with flash. Like I said, most of my clothes are kept on recliners or at the foot of my bed, so there’s not much of any value in it, save for some blazers and tons of heels I never wear.
  4. More AFI, fake leaves, AFI quotes all over the walls, some hat that’s been on my wall for literally my entire life. Beside my bed you can see a posterboard about Elvis that I made in 5th grade.
  5. AFI poster over a Green Day poster. Angry Beavers banner from god knows when. Cow poster from Walmart. Harry Potter light chain thingy.
  6. It’s hard to tell, but there are actually four posters on this wall. There’s an Invader Zim one behind the stereo that hasn’t worked in ages and a Lord of the Rings one behind my shitty drawings. My Despair Faction poster lost a pushpin about five years ago or so, but I never bothered to get another one. More fake roses, more clutter, some rabbits. Too much Davey Havok, some records, dead flowers. Soda cans from around 2005. 
  7. Spongebob, TV, AFI. Lots of dust. Piles of clothes.
  8. Close-up of shitty drawings from middle school. Note the Rancid picture and the creepy masks my old guitar teacher gave me.
  9. Here’s something fun: a collection of concert tickets from the early- to mid-2000s. See those Harry Potter action figures? Worth less than retail now. Bummer.

There you go. This is where I live, blog, sleep, cry, et cetera. There’s also a Morrissey poster on the ceiling over my bed, but that’s not important. Now when you dream about me, you have a dusty, cluttered setting.

This is perfect, a perfect room, a perfect set, everything.

August 31st, 2012

mmmightymightypeople: i can’t really talk too much about it—but the past week, i’ve been thinking a…


i can’t really talk too much about it—but the past week, i’ve been thinking a LOT about mad men. and how the gendered implications of divorce play out. and how those mean catty bitches who say hello to the “new woman” are so pointedly mean and nasty even as they smile and are quite pleasant. fucking viper women.

but this past week, i’ve grown to understand those viper women. and the catty snark at parties and the raised eyebrow while dropping the kids off and the sweetly patronizing “oh, you were the secretary.” i know that these are the actions of people who know and understand the scary side of impermanence and are scared to death.

divorce may have changed it’s manifestations a lot in the US since the 50s—but it hasn’t changed that much. there are still shiny new versions and old hag versions. and people still want to throw away the old hag versions, pretend like they never existed. pretend like all those years were nothing.

August 31st, 2012

superseventies: 1970s pantsuit fashions.


1970s pantsuit fashions.

August 31st, 2012

maimay71: Tracey Emin


Tracey Emin

August 30th, 2012

things i learned while driving to and from trader joe’s in forest hills + checking my ego + ice cream


1) honking at people who casually walk into the middle of the road (city life) does not have the same effect as honking at deer who casually walk into the middle of the road (country life) because they don’t run away and instead get mad and gesture at me and OK DUDE BUT YOU’RE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GODDAMN STREET

2) pumps (strip club) is fascinatingly close to my apartment

3) television’s marquee moon is an excellent driving record

and on a related note, because i do some of my best thinking while driving aimlessly or while i’m supposed to be working, as stressful and terrifying and upsetting as these past couple of weeks have been, i’m finding grace in all of it. i’m letting go and acknowledging that no, it’s not all about me, and yes, there are some things i will never understand because i am a white woman who grew up in an upper middle-class home. the process of actually confronting and accepting my privilege has been a giant ego check. one thing about getting sober is you tend to get a little too confident in your natural tendency to be a good person because hey, you’re not doing awful shit in blackouts anymore. doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth. and though i’m not sure everyone will understand each other in the end, goddammit, i’m going to try. my friends and my feminism and my community mean the world to me. at the same time, gotta keep my side of the street clean. i actually thought about googling “AA for activists” to see if that’s A Thing. tonight a girl shared and she was so fucking honest i started crying listening to her. that’s been happening a lot lately. you can just feel the warmth and gratitude in the room. i offered to become the new chair of this meeting because it is all female, right by my apartment, and life-changing every time i go. so now i have to go. so there, heidi. 

anyway. one day at a time. oh, and ice cream.

 Have I mentioned I love Heidi? I call her HDVDL in my head.

August 30th, 2012

notes about being a good person


Sometimes you aren’t right. 

Sometimes you need to let go of your opinions.

Nobody is ever an enemy to themselves, but sometimes you are an enemy to someone else, and in order to stop the conflict, you need to acknowledge that. 

Letting go can be embarrassing and humbling. But that means you’re probably doing it right, a little bit at least. 

Moving on from here, and this post will probably be continued. 

Premium talk, here.

August 30th, 2012

nuditea: look at friends and laughter what a nice this is the…


look at friends and laughter

what a nice

this is the first time i’ve been really sad about summer coming to an end uhhh


I ship Satah and the world.

August 30th, 2012

handcraftedinvirginia: Betty Draper in Rome


Betty Draper in Rome

August 30th, 2012

Let’s do a full moon ritual tomorrow night ! Your…

Let’s do a full moon ritual tomorrow night ! Your roof? 

The ritual could just be drinking wine and oversharing. And live tweeting.

Or we could read a little from Dialectic and call in the corners and give thanks.

I love someone.

August 30th, 2012

Haute Cature: The Crazy Cat Lady Gets A Major Makeover

Haute Cature: The Crazy Cat Lady Gets A Major Makeover:


As evident by Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby cat- and yarn-dotted resort collection and Karl Lagerfeld’s ultra-sophisticated companion, Choupette, being openly obsessed with felines will no longer earn you the stigma of a crazy cat lady. But for the record, I’ve been cuckoo for kittens since…

Everyone follow Amber’s new tumblr!!!