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September 4th, 2012

I hate it when Vice is important. The Woman Who Wants to Give…

I hate it when Vice is important.

The Woman Who Wants to Give Birth to a Shark

VICE : Hello Ai. Where did this idea of giving birth to sharks come from?
Ai Hasegawa: I’m 32. It’s a good age for a woman to think about giving life. But having a real child isn’t that simple. You have to give them a happy life. You can’t abandon them. I think simply wanting a baby isn’t a good enough reason to have one.

Well, it’s a good start.
We’re soon going to be facing a global food shortage crisis. How on earth are we going to feed new humans? But I still want to give life, I don’t want 30 years of painful menstruation to have all been in vain. And I want to eat good meat.

Is Carrying the fetus of another species technically even possible?
It will be, in the near future. A human uterus is just the right size to hold one fetus. I’ve been speaking to a gynaecologist about ways of making it bigger. I believe humans could use their uterus as an aquarium or incubator. Wouldn’t there be compatibility issues between a human placenta and a shark’s?
The placenta comes from the fetus, not the mother, meaning there’s no need to modify human DNA. I’ve been assured that it should be possible to create “dolph-human” or “shark-human” placentas just by modifying the animal’s DNA. I’m still doing the research, but sharks seem to be the most compatible. And as a species, sharks fit all my criteria: They’re endangered, their life-span is almost as long as that of a human, and most importantly, they’re delicious.

Do you think women will accept carrying animal fetuses?
Carrying a shark fetus inside your uterus means you have to stop menstruating. But the medication for that has very unpleasant side-effects. I think the ideal carrier profile would be a rich, single, and above all menopausal woman.

And what are the advantages of doing this?
We don’t need any more humans, there are too many already as it is. Mostly, it’s a way of preserving endangered species.

And it would be a new way of producing food. Because you could eat the shark baby after it came out. Which is a totally logical thing to do.
Exactly! And you would no longer feel the guilt of eating another animal. It’s also less costly than raising a human, and there are fewer responsibilities. I find it less terrifying than adopting a child you might end up not loving.

September 4th, 2012

"‎”My irrational impulse to want to kill people who bore me or whose ideas are not very complex…"

“‎”My irrational impulse to want to kill people who bore me or whose ideas are not very complex clearly has to do with an exaggerated response to situations where I feel powerless.””

- bell hooks (via whateverjeanne)
September 4th, 2012

baaliallordoflies: phileh: LMFAOOOOOO hahahaha ahh mannn…




hahahaha ahh mannn xD

if cats could repost, mine would.

September 4th, 2012

Girl "Gangs"


So a lot of people have been asking me why I have this huge beef with the concept of girl “gangs” being appropriated by this riot grrl subculture and here’s why:

so i feel like the concept has been appropriated a lot from this kinda hood mentality, equating a group of girlfriends who fight off misandry and are into the whole DIY culture with this riot grrl/feminist statement ( and theres nothing wrong with that), with what real gangs are (cycles of violence, poverty, as a result of racism and classism) and young teen girls roles in those gangs. 

It turns something serious and dangerous, and used as a means of survival, into this cutesy afterschool special and thats not okay. Considering how young women are initiated into gangs (you know, being raped or “jumped” in) , the deadly real life consequences these gangs have, appropriating that very real struggle…it just doesnt sit well with me. 

Also, more often than not I see white girls appropriating the concept of “gangs” which is ironic because girls of color are most at risk to the harsh reality of being initiated into this dangerous gang lifestyle. If anyone is in the right to call their girl groups a “gang”, it’s girls of color. Girls of color can reclaim girl “gangs” as something positive in our lives; our tightknit group that lurks the night defending other girls, punching sexist assholes, being rude bitches, DIY culture with a riot grrl and feminist statement… we are rejecting what the threat of what ”gangs” has meant our entire lives and creating a safe space for us to fight back against sexualized violence, poverty,racism, and classism. 

There are also alternatives to calling your tightknit riot grrl group a “gang”, it also doesn’t mean these girl groups aren’t in your face and strong and powerful and collectively fight the system, there’s just a huge difference between that  and romaniticizing gang life.

It’s like…

you ain’t about that life, sit down

relevant, and guilty (I’m not riot grrrl in any way, but yep)

September 4th, 2012


September 4th, 2012

"At first, heartbreak made me beautiful. My skin fluoresced. I hypnotized trees. The orphans followed…"

“At first, heartbreak made me beautiful.
My skin fluoresced. I hypnotized trees.
The orphans followed me around town,
drunk on my pain. I ate only my own
hunger, gave off a scent like bitter oranges
or chlorine. Loss left me strangely whole,
as if my sadness, were it strong enough,
could turn your ship around. That was back
when I aged. Now, like an astronomer
who seeks no first causes, but only to map
the connections pinned out over the sea,
I want to diagram the light that shines out
through the holes you pricked into me.”


Maureen Thorson, from Applies to Oranges (via thewestostlicherdivan)


(via vladislava)

September 4th, 2012

feministdisney: back in college I had to make up some buttons…


back in college I had to make up some buttons for sexual assault awareness week.  It’s worth taking note of