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September 12th, 2012

sonnywithano: Cristy!!! <3 Wah, do you know Christy? There…


Cristy!!! <3

Wah, do you know Christy? There are plans, everyone knows everyone, good good.

September 12th, 2012

feministfilm: blackfeministfilmschool: Guess what? Black…



Guess what? Black Feminist Film School is featured in the Fall 2012 (#56) issue of BITCH magazine.  We are happy to have a two-page spread on our vision and work in a cutting edge national magazine designed as a feminist response to pop-culture.  That’s what we do too!!!!

Check out the spread to see our shout outs to:

Yvonne Welbon and (the new network for the LGBTQ community where the Mobile Homecoming TV series will be featured this fall)

Aishah Simmons and

Allied Media Projects (

and Charis Books and More (

From Black Feminist Film School’s blog:

Born out of our frustration with the glaring exclusion of films by, about or for Black women in Julia’s film school experience and our deep love for the possibility of Black feminism in all forms,  Black Feminist Film School is a collaboration between Black feminist scholar/filmmaker Alexis Pauline Gumbs, PhD and Black feminist filmmaker/scholar Julia Roxanne Wallace, MDiv.

Our project has 2 key components:

1. Is there Black feminist tradition in film?
Make space for a discourse about Black feminism in film and a conceptual framework in which contemporary filmmakers and theorists of film can participate in, measure, look out for and/or critique he presence or possibility of Black feminism specifically in the medium of film/video by

  • screenings and discussions of rare/underdistributed films by Black women directors/writer/producers in our hometown of Durham, North Carolina and around the country.
  • online forums on this site by Black feminist scholars about the possibility of Black feminism in important films by Black women
  • sharing information about the locations of rare/hard to see films by Black feminist filmmakers
  • developing a curriculum on Black feminist film, piloted in a community setting

2. Where my Black feminist filmmakers at? 
Infuse Black feminist community, and in particular under-represent Black women and genderqueer filmmakers and future filmmakers with the skills to use film to express their visions and transform our society by

  • hosting a series of accessible community workshops that share the skills of script-writing, producing, gaffing, lighting, editing, sound and all the other skills crucial to making high quality films
  • creating partnerships between existing institutions/equipment sources and potential Black feminist filmmakers
  • building community between existing Black feminist filmmakers, with an emphasis on queer and genderqueer Black filmmakers
  • creating an all queer of color and allied cast and crew for Julia’s upcoming film!
September 12th, 2012

slaughtermoon: fuckyeahmarxismleninism: August 7: Anniversary…



August 7: Anniversary of the Marin County courthouse rebellion

“On Aug. 7, 1970, just a few days after George [Jackson] was transferred to San Quentin, his younger brother Jonathan Jackson, 17, invaded Marin County Courthouse single-handed, with a satchel full of handguns, an assault rifle and a shotgun hidden under his raincoat. “Freeze,” he commanded as he tossed guns to William Christmas, James McClain and Ruchell Magee. Magee was on the witness stand testifying for McClain, on trial for assaulting a guard in the wake of a guard’s murder of another Black prisoner, Fred Billingsley, beaten and teargased to death.

A jailhouse lawyer, Magee had deluged the courts with petitions for seven years contesting his illegal conviction in ‘63. The courts had refused to listen, so Magee seized the hour and joined the guerrillas as they took the judge, prosecutor and three jurors hostage to a waiting van. To reporters gathering quickly outside the courthouse, Jonathan shouted, “You can take our pictures. We are the revolutionaries!”

Operating with courage and calm even their enemies had to respect, the four Black freedom fighters commandeered their hostages out of the courthouse without a hitch. The plan was to use the hostages to take over a radio station and broadcast the racist, murderous prison conditions and demand the immediate release of The Soledad Brothers. But before Jonathan could drive the van out of the parking lot, the San Quentin guards arrived and opened fire. When the shooting stopped, Jonathan, Christmas, McClain and the judge lay dead. Magee and the prosecutor were critically wounded, and one juror suffered a minor arm wound.

Magee survived his wounds and was tried originally with co-defendant Angela Davis. Their trials were later severed and Davis was eventually acquitted of all charges. Magee was convicted of simple kidnap and remains in prison to date – 46 years with no physical assaults on his record. An incredible jailhouse lawyer, Magee has been responsible for countless prisoners being released – the main reason he was kept for nearly 20 years in one lockup after another. Currently at Corcoran State Prison, he remains strong and determined to win his freedom and that of all oppressed peoples.

Kiilu Nyasha, “Black August: A story of African freedom fighters”


September 12th, 2012

redletters: David Wojnarowicz’s Jacket —Photo taken by Bill…


David Wojnarowicz’s Jacket —
Photo taken by Bill Dobbs at ACT UP’s FDA Action
October 11, 1988 

I’m doing a screening series with Fales next year, they have his archive, can’t wait.

September 12th, 2012

situationaltragedy: I think that triggering an anxiety attack by stalking all of my exes is a p…


I think that triggering an anxiety attack by stalking all of my exes is a p good way to stop wanting to kill myself for 15 min bc looking at their faces or hands or apartments or hair or that shirt they wore when we were still together or that tattoo she got right after we broke up or reading about what life after grad school is like for her or how incredibly sad she is after her recent breakup

well that’s all the shit that makes me want to scream and smash things and rip up my clothes and smoke a pack of cigarettes and drive aimlessly for three hours screaming stupid music out the windows and never eat again and write a million posts detailing the ways in which I am who I am now and I am at this point partially because of them and even though I don’t really hate them so much anymore, I will always despise them deep down in my bones and in my blood and in my dna and whenever I am nice or polite or normal to them, it is because I hate them so much and I won’t ever, ever, ever let them get that close to me ever again. They will never get to call me crazy, they will never get to say I am overreacting, they will never get to talk about my meds, they will never get to talk about my mental health, they will never, ever get to look at me and push me away because I am too volatile to be ~worth their time~

I think that’s all I am now — that seething anger, that bitterness, and if they still tried to be around me, it’d be the worst/best spitefulness you’ve ever seen.

spite for life

September 12th, 2012

scumblebee: teen bro witch looks pt deux: oversized sleeved…


teen bro witch looks pt deux: oversized sleeved betty page tee

Really into the reveal, and the hair peak.

September 12th, 2012

Ms. Meador tearing it up in Fiji, I have a giant scar from this…

Ms. Meador tearing it up in Fiji, I have a giant scar from this break the children’s break nearby.

September 12th, 2012

heartbarf: That time Diamanda Galas totally goth freakshowed up…


That time Diamanda Galas totally goth freakshowed up Jon Stewart in 1994.

When Darby came over during the Bad Time she gave me this CD and said it was good medicine for sick women. I’ve repeated this gesture many times since.

September 12th, 2012

theswinginsixties: Moddel wearing an ensemble by  Pierre…


Moddel wearing an ensemble by  Pierre Cardin, 1960.

September 12th, 2012

pussy-strut replied to your photo: karaj: a week after my seizure, a week before the… so,…

pussy-strut replied to your photo: karaj: a week after my seizure, a week before the…

so, feminist permission slip, i guess

I am always available to sign them.

We probably need to talk about permissions slips vs enabling. Or I do, in my head.