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November 20th, 2012

maybe that is a beautiful thing.

At night I talk to everyone in LA for hours. That’s what you did back then on nights you didnt go to a show, you talked on the phone. It’s funny to think of it now. When I hear an old friend’s voice, I feel both connected and unbearably sad. Like we all are treading water and trying not to go under and we can see each other but can’t offer real comfort, just a glimpse of another human going through the same thing.

Steak wrote:

Many of you have been asking. How ? Why ? Is this True ?

Perhaps Johnny’s greatest feat as a Buddhist is to leave us here pondering these questions ? Maybe it was the drugs ? Maybe he was physically sick ? Maybe his brain was sick ? Maybe his heart was sick ? Maybe his soul was sick ? Does it really matter ? Sadly for us whatever that reason is, he is done with this form and has gone on to whatever is next. Maybe that is a beautiful thing for him ?

What we do know is that Johnny shared much love and life with many people. From insanely wacky conversations in a demonic, hysterical baby voice to real, real conversations about life and beyond, Johnny was a true friend through and through. He had a great caring and compassion for humanity. Sure sometimes his anger scared thee shit out of us, but sometimes so did his big giant heaps of love. He built families wherever he landed and his memories will be cherished with us forever, once we get through this great sadness.
November 20th, 2012

"For so many of us the lines are not always clear between the people who love us and the people who…"

“For so many of us the lines are not always clear between the people who love us and the people who hurt us. Most of us can say that if someone hits you, that’s pretty shitty; that’s an identifiable thing, a bad thing. When I worked in shelters even women who had had that kind of violence so inculcated into them that they would explain to me how they actually deserved it understood that it was not normal, to hit another human being. It is a thing that must be justified, explained. But there is a lot that can happen up to that point, the point of physical assault, that is not so easy to define. How many of us have traded some measure of safety for the feeling that we are loved? How many of us have seen people we thought we were safe with transformed into people willing to do us harm?”


The Rejectionist | Sarah McCarry: A Few Good Men

this is how I feel all the time lately. 

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November 20th, 2012

"The latest entry in what will probably one day be compiled into the worst book ever written is ‘How…"

“The latest entry in what will probably one day be compiled into the worst book ever written is ‘How to Live Without Irony,’ a dire op-ed by Princeton French professor Christy Wampole that begins with the bold pronouncement, “If irony is the ethos of our age — and it is — then the hipster is our archetype of ironic living.” But it isn’t just the time-machine-to-2002 vibe of the piece that’s got Twitter in a spin, though; it’s the imprecise definition of ‘irony,’ the tired hand-wringing about modern technology, the laughable insistence that the ’90s of the author’s youth was irony-free, the contention that ‘nonironic living’ is now so endangered that its practitioners are limited to ‘very young children, elderly people, deeply religious people, people with severe mental or physical disabilities, people who have suffered, and those from economically or politically challenged places where seriousness is the governing state of mind.’”


Sorry, but I wrote a little something about that awful NYT article (via judyxberman)

as kiri said, i look at an article as awful as the NYT’s tired assault on the hipster and think “ugh, that’s so dumb.” judy takes that emotion and spins it out into a 15-part takedown. Y MY FRIENDS SO SMART?

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it’s true Judy is a genius, Judy is our genius