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February 14th, 2013

Lambrusco, chocolate, and pilfered Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick artifacts.

VDay 2013 was bountiful.

February 14th, 2013

Help for those dealing with revenge porn

Help for those dealing with revenge porn
February 14th, 2013

I was up late last night reading follower bios, you guys are so interesting and cool! I know I…

I was up late last night reading follower bios, you guys are so interesting and cool! I know I don’t follow back a lot, it gets too overwhelming, but I do pop around and read, and I have some subscriptions in RSS so they don’t show up as follows. God I sound like a celebrity, ugh!

Anyway, my meds, my red tide, and my semi-isolation are making me very sappy and emotional and I LOVE YOU FOLLOWERS. And I want to know how we came to be together on Tumblr, plus I figured out how to do an ask post, so here we are, with this timid question:

ETA I see you sneaks liking the post and NOT ANSWERING. As I am on a deadline, I need validation and distraction. Although if you follow me for a bad reason, that could be interesting.

Why do you follow me?

February 14th, 2013

Blessing the Boats: A Tribute to Lucille Clifton

The public is invited to attend a celebration of Lucille Clifton’s life and work on the occasion of BOA’s posthumous publication of her Collected Poems. Welcomed by CUNY’s Tonya Foster and introduced by co-editor Michael Glaser, 13 world-class poets will read in tribute:

Sherman Alexie
Tina Chang
Toi Derricotte
Michael Dickman
Timothy Donnelly
Cornelius Eady
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Nick Flynn
Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Marie Howe
Dante Micheaux
Sharon Olds
Tracy K. Smith

Mezzo-soprano Alicia Hall Moran will perform interludes, and a reception will follow.

Sponsored by The Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY; Academy of American Poets; BOA Editions, Ltd.; Cave Canem Foundation; CUNY Hunter; the Poetry Society of America; and Poets House.

Proshansky Auditorium
365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

(I obv can’t go to this but it sounds lovely)