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February 23rd, 2013



February 23rd, 2013

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Nada Surf, “Popular”

.appreciate it.

Holy crap, are any of you scumbags old enough to remember that there was a huge controversy with this video because at the end in the shower the two football players wink at each other, and all of these people were freaking out and wanted the video banned because they accused it of being EVIL AND HOMOSEXUAL?  

It was the most ridiculous fucking thing ever.  

February 23rd, 2013

thekathunt: need to see this


need to see this

February 23rd, 2013

surlytemple: Rae Earl’s teenage diaries MY MAD FAT DIARY


Rae Earl’s teenage diaries


February 23rd, 2013

hipstuuuh-puuuhlease: The fact that they are taking on a grunge…


The fact that they are taking on a grunge looking style is killing me.

One Direction going grunge* would be the actual logical conclusion of Kurt Cobain in a dress and I mean that in the best possible way.

*should it happen, calm down

February 23rd, 2013

popca: theuntitledmag: HELP THESE YOUTH RAISE MONEY TO  GO TO…



HELP THESE YOUTH RAISE MONEY TO  GO TO A VERY COOL TRAINING IN OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. THEY HAVE 11 DAYS LEFT TO RAISE $1,500. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE YOUTH OF COLOR AND SPREAD AND SIGNAL BOOST THIS POST FAR AND WIDE. I met Jesus at a cool Action Camp in NYC that was all about ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline. He is an an amazing person and a great youth who is and will continue to do amazing things. I don’t want these two youth to have to worry about $$$ for a training that they totally deserve to go to!

Hey, our names are Karissa Arias and Jesus Holguin.  We are founders and Youth Organizers for ECO Youth (Environmental Community Organizers). ECO Youth is part of the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island, and we are a grassroots youth-led organization that stands for justice for our communities. We fight against all types of inequality: from racism to classism, from the toxins and pollution in our environment to the health problems in our communities. We promote healthy lifestyles that everyone can access and benefit from. 

 We need your help to get to an amazing training in Oakland California that will help us be better leaders and Youth Organizers.  We are trying to get to the 2013 National Youth Organizing Training Institute in Oakland California, hosted by SOUL, School of Unity and Liberation. This conference is about reflecting back onto ourselves and wanting to look out and reach out for new youth to join us to fight oppression. This would be super helpful to us especially because we are at the point in our group where we want to solidify and expand our group.  At this conference we would get an opportunity to learn skills to better ourselves, our group, and our community. At this institute we will get the chance to network with amazing people from all around the country and hear about all the awesome things they are doing - and we will be able to bring all this awesome knowledge back with us into our community work.

 Please help us raise $1500 so we can have this amazing opportunity to get trained to be better leaders and help our organization and our community!

 This is what we need the $1500 for:

($750 per person)

$150 each for registration fees for the training

* $150 each for food and local travel for the 4 days we are there

* $450 each for round trip plane tickets from Providence RI to the Bay Area, California

  • FREE housing thanks to local Bay Area activists!

 The training is March 7-9th so we only have a month to raise this money!  If we don’t reach our goal we will still go but will have to borrow money to pay for it and then pay it back with our work later.  We are also applying for some small grants and doing other fundraising to help us raise this money.


reblogging again. please boost and donate :)

February 23rd, 2013



February 23rd, 2013