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August 25th, 2013

Dear Feminist Leaders: I don’t care that you were "fooled"


The issue is that people—and by people, I mean feminists and their dudely allies—refused to listen to other women who were speaking loudly and clearly about why Hugo was a problem.  WHY giving him a platform and a fucking megaphone was a problem. WHY being enthusiastic about him leading Slutwalk was a problem.

The issue isn’t that you were fooled.  The issue is that you all didn’t fucking listen, you didn’t give a shit, you couldn’t be arsed to take the concerns of women of color into consideration, and you couldn’t be bothered to give the words of women of color any credibility. The issue is that a lot of you big name feminists and dudely allies berated and shamed the women who came forward by preaching about forgiveness and redemption and coopting concepts women of color had pioneered.  That you shrugged it off and lectured HS’s critics on the important shit.  That you talked about how he had chaaanged even though women of color were telling you his behavior towards them showed he hasn’t. 

The issue is that you all—big name feminists and dudely dude allies—engaged in the same damn silencing techniques and belittling bullshit abuse enablers do.

HS is not an evil genius. He is not Hannibal Fucking Lechter. The fact is, if people came forward claiming to be shocked, shocked by Assange, or Polanski, or DSK, or any other lefty d00d we’ve known is a sexist, racist asshat, you’d rightly call them out on their bullshit.  You’d ask them why they didn’t take the words of women into account.  You’d ask them why they automatically deride those women who spoke up.  You’d ask them why the words of women weren’t worth believing.

Well, I’m going to ask you: WHY AREN’T THE WORDS OF WOMEN BELIEVING?

Oh! Women of color. That’s why.

Exactly how confident am I supposed to feel about a movement that claims to speak for and fight for all women when the leaders act like dudely dudes to a huge swath of them?

August 25th, 2013

"I know black women in Tennessee who have worked all their lives, from the time they were twelve…"

“I know black women in Tennessee who have worked all their lives, from the time they were twelve years old to the day they died. These women don’t listen to the women’s liberation rhetoric because they know that it’s nothing but a bunch of white women who had certain life-styles and who want to change those life-styles. They say things like they don’t want men opening doors for them anymore, and they don’t want men lighting their cigarettes for them anymore. Big deal. Black women have been opening doors for themselves and lighting their own cigarettes for a couple centuries in this country. Black women don’t quibble about things that are not important.”

- Wilma Rudolph (via blackheartedlove)
August 25th, 2013

Shifting Stigmas: The Act of Crying in Public | Anthropology in Practice, Scientific American

Shifting Stigmas: The Act of Crying in Public | Anthropology in Practice, Scientific American
August 25th, 2013

What Better Way to Spend Fri the 13th?

Friday, September 13th @ 5:30 PM
Prisoner Letter Writing Group
"The communication between two humans concerning their hopes, ideas and their plights is what allows them to bond in resistance against a system that affects everyone in many different ways," says Colorado prisoner Rachel Galindo (in a letter published in Resistance Behind Bars). Join our Bluestockings-based group committed to communication and resistance by writing to prisoners. We’ll be focusing on folks who tend to receive less attention and mail, including LGBTQI-identified prisoners, women, and youth. Pens, paper, writing guidelines and encouragement will all be provided!