"I call bullshit. The areas around the bridge see up to 10 THOUSAND trucks a DAY passing through…"

“I call bullshit. The areas around the bridge see up to 10 THOUSAND trucks a DAY passing through their neighborhoods—this is not an issue of a few noise complaints and a couple of cases of asthma here and there. This is a case of devastating heavy pollution that brings with it *death*. This is a case of such heavy noise problems people have hearing issues, inability to sleep, learning disabilities, etc etc etc. This is ALSO a case of a few things could fix these problems—as is outlined in the protestors demands, such as having ramps put up that would allow trucks to by pass communities. This is also a case of the courts telling the owner of this bridge to fix these problems and the owner saying fuck you.
do you want 10 THOUSAND heavy industry semi-trucks a day, most of them without any type of environmental upgrades to help deal with pollution, going through your neighborhood a day? Without even getting into your physical health (and I can’t over state the level of devastation this kind of toxic pollution commits against human bodies—much less developing fetuses, small children, old people, etc), what do you think 10 THOUSAND trucks a day going through your neighborhood would do to property values? Could you sell your house to get out of there?
THe people of these neighborhoods have been organizing for a very long time, and have gotten all the studies done only through organizing-otherwise politicians and corporations and bridge owners would’ve completely ignored them, as they’ve been doing for *years*. getting all those studies, getting a judge supporting them, hasn’t done shit.
Truckers are supportive of these actions. These actions stemmed from the community and had leaders from the community including their state representative there. Local shops/groceries are owned by locals—and if it means they lost an hour’s worth of business—i’m sure that they are very aware of what cleaning up pollution is going to do to help their business in the long term AND their families in the immediate term.
People in Windsor are dealing with the same crap. This is not a few smart ass biddies irritated with an occassional truck honking their horn. This is 10 THOUSAND trucks a day going through *residential neighborhoods* when they don’t have to be. Until you are the one willing to deal with 10 THOUSAND trucks a DAY going through your neighborhood, until you are the one who has to tell your kid’s they can’t play outside because the trucks make it too dangerous, until you’re the one who has to watch your family dying from pollution related illness—I just don’t want to hear about how misguided these protestors are or how they need to go vote. I call bullshit. I *know* who has the stronger claim here—and everybody except the damn bridge owner agrees.”


Midwest Mountain Mama: Misguided Protests

Organizing against truck traffic was the beginning of an environmental justice movement in my community that has gotten waste transfer stations closed, won a ten-year battle against a power plant, forced the declaration of a superfund site on a local waterway, and continues to fight for more cleanups and more enforcement of promises made and laws on the books. Lots and lots about the process and the individuals involved is arduous and painful but over the past 20 years to witness (and participate in) a community grow more and more confident and resourceful (althought we’ve gotten SCREWEEEEEEED in other ways, dont get me wrong) has been heartening.

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