"It was liberating to hear someone take on those traditional expressions of masculinity, because I…"

“It was liberating to hear someone take on those traditional expressions of masculinity, because I hated the ways I was expected to act as a man. I hated the toughness and numbness that was expected from men, because I wanted to be able to express my emotions without fear of ridicule. I hated the predatory way that men acted towards women, because I wanted to be free to have meaningful relationships with women. Likewise, I hated the homophobia, because I wanted to have meaningful relationships with the men in my life.”


David Combs, on Bikini Kill and rebelling against a patriarchal society

My hatred of this person as a public figure (we’ll just leave it at that) highlights my newfound disdain of “feminist” tracts by men whining about how Masculinity has damaged them so much. I guess this is the only thing that they feel they have authority on in regards to feminism, which is nice (the self-restraint, I mean), but god, I don’t care anymore, because do you know how much punk press this shitty article got even though heaps of women have relentlessly said everything that he wrote? Like, it was cool that he deferred to women’s voices in the article, but still, fuck off, I’m so sick of this person’s name everywhere as the Great Feminist Punk Man when that is such bullshit to begin with.

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Loving Spoons as a public figure/songwriter (come at me) and agreeing with these sentiments are not mutually exclusive. Not talking about the latter would make me a hypocrite and a bad feminist punk and a shitty person.

I’ve joked before about how David always passes copies of this article out at shows, and how I have seen him so many times this year and he’s still handing out this same article. I think he should continue to do so, especially given the bros I knows that goes to his shows. Normally, when he says (he always does!) something like “I wrote this thing about sexism, you should read it, there are copies on the back table,” I have two immediate responses. The first is ALL THE MEN THAT ARE STANDING ON OR NEAR ME NEED TO GO DO THAT IMMEDIATELY. The second, though, is wouldn’t it be great if I sustained all the credibility and opportunities and friends and professional relationships I have as a feminist blogger with only writing one feminist tract in a year? And then reblogging it over and over again? And then getting congratulated over and over again? Yeah, that would be pretty cool. But I can’t.

It’s a joke, but it seems pretty pertinent right now, especially with all of the shit dealing with Mr. Schwyzer. We should revisit this article right now, and think about how we talk about punk dudes that aren’t-terrible-but-are-still-dudes-who-think-they-can-talk-about-stuff (I’m looking at you, ONSIND).

I’d also like to propose that we ask David Combs to do the same kind of promotion for things written by women, people of color, and trans* people. I think maybe we should all send David Combs articles by women, people of color, and trans* people that interrogate sexism in the punk scene. I think we should ask them to promote them alongside his own at shows. I imagine he would, but I imagine it wouldn’t matter much.

I don’t have any reason (so far) to think that Spoonboy is a bad ally or antifeminist. I also think he has written (some of) the best songs about gender and sexuality all year. But I also think maybe we shouldn’t congratulate him for being an alright ally.

Also, this helps me frame those lingering questions about “Leopard Print Girl,” when you think about it.

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