my response to a show listing on nyulocal that advertised our benefit (it’s not a benefit) as free and called my band "bra-burning feminists, but not annoying about it"


damn kids. GET OFF MY LAWN! also, come to our show.

here’s the show listing.

here’s my response, which i posted in the comments but hasn’t shown up yet:

first of all, thanks for listing our show. we appreciate that. my name’s heidi and i play cello in amy klein and the blue star band.

however, we do not appreciate the following:

-implying that sliding scale = free. that is not what it means. sliding scale is a way of accommodating folks who may not have a lot of cash but don’t want to miss the show. if someone is broke as a joke, yes, we’ll let them in, but by announcing it as free, that disrespects our good will.

-referring to our show as “some feminist benefit” when it is uh, not a benefit. which you would know if you read the facebook invite you linked to in your own article. but if it WAS a benefit, that would make your insinuation that the show is free even more troubling.

-equating feminism with being “bra-burning” and “annoying.” cutting down feminism with tired cliches doesn’t make you appear ironic or witty – it just makes you appear ignorant.


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