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In lieu my inability to make posts lately, here’s the update I just posted on Indiegogo about the films I’m working on!

Principal shooting on “One Night Stand” is now complete! Two rehearsals, three nights of rehearsals, and after piles upon piles of pizza, the film is now officially in the post-production phase. The almost 25 page script was completed in an absurd 18 hours, which is beyond quick.

Our editor, Emily Liles, is already hard at work on editing the film. She’s already done rough cuts on the first three scenes that we shot weeks ago. There’s a possibility that this film may be finished within the month! But, that’s a maybe.

(Music is currently also being composed.)

Now, our focus shifts entirely towards “Sharing of the Domestic Burden,” which has already been cast and one rehearsal has taken place. A shooting schedule is currently being organized, props and set decoration is underway, and the hopes of a similarly speedy shoot is on our minds.

The second film is more Tumblr-focused on crew (and probably in construction.) Folks involved:

emilysyrjasays: Script Sup (She’s doin’ it for both!) and Makeup.

RGR-POP: Set Dec and Makeup.

Jurassic Squid: All around tech person.

Porcelain Ghost: Composing music (He’s doin’ it for both!)

Canyon-Inn: Possibly crewing/craft servicing?

Sendmecats: Acting in!

Goforthandagitate: Acting In!

I like this because these are all of my friends (like, all of my friends). Emily and I just throw our Great Feminist Movie ideas at Matt for him to write, direct, produce, and pay for. But we’ll do all the makeup and be listed as directors. And Matt will be best boy.

This movie is going to be kind of a radical feminist circle jerk. I can’t wait.

And I will book it for my film fest! The circle is unbroken.

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