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Here’s this week’s cover, on newsstands and the iPad tomorrow morning. And the summary of the corresponding story: 

In an age where women are dominating - in the workplace, at school, at home - why are they seeking to be dominated in their love lives? Recent media portrayals have shown that a rising number of modern women fantasize about being overpowered, while studies are turning out statistics that bewilder feminists. New shows like HBO’s Girls and books like Fifty Shades of Grey are showcasing the often hidden desire for powerlessness. But why? Katie Roiphe examines the submissive yet empowered female in Newsweek. “It is perhaps inconvenient for feminism that the erotic imagination does not submit to politics, or even changing demographics,” she writes.

We haven’t seen the cover story yet, but color us intrigued! Let’s hear your pre-thoughts, tumblr.

Which women? I won’t go so far as to say that no women of color have submission fantasies, but given that you’ve based your work on media representations and whatever Katie Roiphe of all people has to say, I’m assuming you only mean straight white working women of the middle-upper class. While white women in particular are overrepresented when compared to WOC in television, film and journalism, it doesn’t strike me as anything new or compelling. My 2 cents.

This is going to ruin my life on multiple levels.

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