ultragraphique: From photographer Nicola Okin Frioli’s portrait…


From photographer Nicola Okin Frioli’s portrait series entitled We Are Princess in a Land of Machos: “They drink beer, they are part of the government, and they are a symbol of good luck for their family: They are Muxes – homosexuals of the pueblo Oaxacaqueno de Juchitan, Mexico – more than 3000 homosexuals who enjoy respect and admiration in all the country. Los Muxes (in Zapotec language means homosexual) are considered a blessing to their families. It is luck for a homosexual to be born in Juchitan, where in a population of 160,000 they walk proudly in the streets, dressed as women with huipiles and enaguas, typical dress of the Tehuantepec Isthmus. A resident of Juchitan says ‘A lady living here has a son Muxes, and then she has winned the lottery, it is a real blessing. Everybody should accept them as they are, in every place they are.’ Says Felina, a 36-year-old Muxes and owner of a beauty salon: ‘A lot of us are this way because our parents converted us and treated us as a female. I’m not a man. I’m not a woman… I’m a Muxes and there is a place for everybody in the Vineyard of the Lord.” Read more about the Muxes of Oaxaca and see all the pictures here.

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