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I LOVED TAI’S OUTFIT. I wanted a shirt like that, but never could find one.

I don’t think I ever noticed Tai’s shirt has the heart in the back as well.  Huh.  Now it kind of looks like a shotgun blast.

I wish I could pull off a mini skirt with knee highs. I still want every outfit Cher wore. Sidenote: I squealed last night when I caught the very end of Suburbia last night because Cher and Elton were reunited!

This movie. Forever.

Can we make miniskirts with knee-highs a thing again?  Because I did not dress that way the first time around but I would SO dress that way now (even though certain fashion arbiters would say I am way too old for such things).

I did the short skirt thing back then but not the knee highs. I also did the braces and berets. And yes bring it back. My favourite outfits were the white Calvin Klein dress, the yellow tartan suit in the first picture, the red dress at the party with the red jacket and boa collar, the pink plaid pants and pink jumper when Tai apologised to her, and Dionne’s maroon dress.

When I watched this movie with Ruby she was scandalized at how short the dresses were. “My mom wouldn’t let me out of the house wearing that even if I was in COLLEGE,” she said.  (This is the same girl who, at age 5 or something turned to me during the Rockettes Christmas Show and said, “Their outfits aren’t very feminist.”


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