re: feminist silence on May Day




Y’all talk about money, status, equal pay and all that jazz. But you really need to talk about WORK.

If anything, May Day (and all the preparations for it) have made me reconsider feminism as a movement of disgruntled reproductive and affective laborers who are fed up with The Bullshit. There is a lot of labor that goes into maintaining social relations and even performing gender under a hetero-patriarchy. But contemporary cultural/liberal feminism stops at gender as an ~identity~ in and of itself, and not as something that is maintained by such labor.

If they focused on labour then they’d have to indirectly refer to all the thieving, exploiting and appropriating that they do when it comes to their writing and marginalised women’s writing and lives. But yeah I love this so much. 

BOOM. I can always count on you for your impeccable real talk, leonine.

So totes.

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