You guys there is a super-menstrual Super Moon this weekend….

You guys there is a super-menstrual Super Moon this weekend. THIS PHOTO IS FROM NASA. SCIENCE.

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  1. Actually this photo was taken by Bill Watson from Hamilton Ontario. NASA is claiming it is theirs and we are using OUR photo to promote supermoon on our own blog, and are being accused of stealing what is rightfully ours. We don’t mind our photos being shared, used but please give credit to the appropriate party.
    Thank you
    Debbie Watson

  2. I’m publishing this comment because I know what it feels like to have your stuff flying around with no credit. I emailed with the commenter asking for a link to the original post because it’s not findable on their site and she sent me this link, which ironically has copy that was lifted from this CNN page. So, I don’t know, I’m a little dubious because how did NASA find the image, although perhaps they archived it back in March. My opinion might be colored by how the site and its its twitter feed look more like spam/promotional stuff than a photo site. Anyway, putting this all out here for people to judge for themselves and if there are developments I will post them. Like I said, I’d be furious if it was me.

  3. I don’t know if I am again insulted or flattered, but the main issue is the photo. It was taken and no credit given.
    Thank you

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