okay i guess i am just putting together a rough timeline of your life and did blake actually steal yr true love because rude. when colin and i were first becoming friends he sent me a text message once that he was at a show where blake was acting really weird and he smelled like burning wood. this woulda been like three years ago, making blake old, weird, wood-smelling, and still going to nyc punk shows. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I answered this privately but fuck that. I was half joking but it is true that I loved this person on a level I haven’t ever felt with anyone else, I just truly deeply trusted him. I was reading somewhere in a thing about friendship and how the best ones are people who have seen you at your worst and who still think you are rad, or something, and that is so true in this case. He was there for me during the darkest darkest but it fell apart in various hideous ways and then he was suddenly best friends with Blake and moving around the country to be near him and obv as a person and a Scorpio I felt and feel this very deeply. Like even now on the rare occasions I see him he is either with Blake or brings him up in the conversation. This is totally making me cry.

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