If you guys find out how awesome my copy of the East Village…

If you guys find out how awesome my copy of the East Village Other, dated July 28th, 1970, really is, you might die but I am going to tell you anyway.

1. Coverage of Bobby Seale being put in solitary confinement for trying to stop a jail pig from attacking a fellow prisoner.

2. Extensive coverage of the controversial NY Pop festival that was cut from the issue at press because they found out the DA was investigating the promoters and “While we think our original story had some interesting things to say about “the movement” and festivals, we are withholding publication of it. Even though some individuals acted against the interests of the community we do not believe the courts are legitimate outlets for our grievances…. Let The People judge the ‘crime’ and ‘punish’ with sympathy and understanding those of our brothers and sisters who have betrayed the revolution.”

3. “Blood Arson Riot,” a story on the Draft Riots of 1863.

4. An outer-space comic I don’t understand.

5. A full-page, 5-column, 8-pt type piece by the “The Collective,” a group of women objecting to the portrayal of feminists as “humorless” in prior issues. (The reason I bought it) (quotes TK)

6. Interview w Lee Kaminsky of Electric Eye (Second reason I bought it)

7. Lengthy piece on women in comics/women who draw comics, including Trina Robbins (Third reason I bought it)

8. Surveillance photos of the “underground White House” complex in a hollowed-out mountain that would serve as a power base “in the event of a nuclear attack or in Pig Amerika 1970-style armed insurrection.” (yes!)

9. Lengthy interview with Kate Millet (unexpected bonus) (quotes TK)

10. AND SO MUCH MORE. The classifieds need a lengthy analysis.

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