Me & Laurie Weeks


are about to get really personal, because I am in a writing workshop with her, and this is actually the best advice for my “transitional” time / career wreck (diving into it now people) so I thought I’d actually share it with you:

“The credo I invented to work by is “The Theory of Total Humiliation,” (TOTH) a rip-off of Karen Finley’s title of a play she did in the early ’90s called “The Theory of Total Blame.” This rule, where I must humorously embrace and welcome the threat of humiliation, is how I stop my punitive super-ego from keeping me chained to the radiator of self-contempt and fear of speaking, a culturally induced violence towards the value of one’s perception, which is what my work both explores and contests. It’s a gift I can give, to take the risk of totally sucking, as opposed to sucking up the audience’s energy for ego satisfaction.” -Laurie Weeks

I saw Mira Schor speak at Naomi’s event and she spoke about just this. She said every year she gives her students an assignment to fail. That’s it, they must fail. So enorm.

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