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anatomy of sea life

Reposting because my rage “THOSE ARE THE BARNACLE’S FEET” is tempered by excitement that my sister the marine biologist will deliver SCIENCE RAGE.

Oh, ha, even before I got to your comment I was all “Who cares about a stupid barnacle?!?!!1 THEMS FIGHTIN WERDS.” 

Ahem …

  • Yes, the feet! They spend their adult life standing on their heads and kicking food into their mouths. 
  • Hermaphrodites 
  • Longest penis in relation to body size of any animal
  • Said penis is prehensile (video)
  • A new penis is grown every year
  • After reciprocal boning via their massive snakelike dongs, the young grow in the shell of their mother for weeks before drifting away with the currents. 

Also, perhaps one should try diving to 300 ft and swimming at 20 mph before starting in with the fat shaming.



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