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I think this is fash-un.


Dude in the purple looks like a grape soda dipped in Fabulously Ratchet.


i actually like what the one in the middle is wearing tho

designer ratchet imo~

omg this is when i found out what black fish meant. omg hard femme queens

But they look good as hell.

#teamrachetfolyfe Ya’llmuthafuckas make sick forever saying something that is creativity from Black people is ghetto or rachet. Right we all know why because it’s on Black bodies.

Go away young nigletz

Oh yes, my queen on the right, hi where can I buy that tank


They keep stylin on deez heauxs.


Um… I took this picture. How do I get this off such a horrible site as Internets, why?!!!  I need a watermark. These folks were fabulous and they look fabulous.

Hey tumblr fam. I took this picture. The poorly dressed team says that they will take it down if i can find the page its on. I can’t find it :( I posted this pic on my personal photo tumblr over a year ago and used it in a piece I wrote on the CFC. If anyone has ideas about how I can find this pic on the poorly dressed site without having to go through page after page of their fat shaming, classist, queer hating foolishness (I’ve been through 100 pages!) I would appreciate it. 

It’s here. (A trick I just learned—if you copy the url of the photo and go to Google image search, then click on the little drawing of the camera in the search box, then you get a popup asking you for the url of the image you are searching and then through google magic, it finds that image all over the internet. There is possibly a short cut but anyway. Message me if that wasn’t clear—the image came up as being on a few other sites like here.)

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