When Jay Leno Speaks I Die A Little- Zachary Lipez


There are books written
about models.

There are movies about poets.

There is a school of thought that

to be breathing past 40

is worthy of admiration
and I don’t think

that it should be condemned

certainly, good for them!

But plenty of people do it.
I am tired of waking up with perfectly functional descriptions of beauty

like I am tired of poems
about drunks

on the bowery,
or how the subways resembles

being underground.

If you’re afraid of love
then don’t go

to the supermarket
and wear more clothes,

because eventually,
if you’re not careful,

someone will love you,

and baby,
your poetry will suffer.

There is blind blind
danger out there.

There is string.
There are skyscrapers that,

when it rains,
reflect oceans,

and while I am not drawn
to people

who read books on aliens,

I admire their
refusal to be lonely. 

I love it when my friends tumblr my friends

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