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The Kickstarter for “It’s Complicated” is live! And we made you a high school crush zine-style video for it, shot by Sean Ruch and featuring the eternally relevant “What’s Yr Take on Cassavetes” (used with the generous permission of Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman). This is the only way to preorder the first two issues of the zine, and judging by the essays we already have for “It’s Complicated #1,” they are going to be fantastic. Contribute, and learn more about the project, here

In case I have not yet talked your ear off about this, here’s the short version: Niina Pollari and I are in the midst of a zine and future book project/ongoing critical conversation about feminist writers’ relationships to the misogynist art we love. We have a ton of excellent contributors participating and are having a wonderful/fulfilling time working on this. So any help we could get spreading the word would be awesome, and if you’re interested and have the extra cash to back us, we would be so grateful. 

Really love the Woody Allen hate circulating these days.

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