anarchafeminist: Here it is! My RodeoH review! And this is…


Here it is! My RodeoH review! 
And this is the post with the full set of pictures! 
All of the photos were taken by my spouse Charlene

I am modeling the black and dark grey size XS briefs. 
Right out of the package they fit perfectly (per the sizing info on the website). I’m sure they will shrink in the dryer, but I couldn’t wait to use them! 
I immediately put my packer (a 6” Limpy) inside the underwear as my packer, and jumped around my apartment. Nothing happened. It moved a little bit, but didn’t flop out of the leg holes or anything. 

The entire time I wore the harness (even during sex) I packed. As a trans* man, this was astonishing for me. There wasn’t ANY dysphoria with this harness. Usually the process of putting on strappy instruction manual harnesses is so mechanical that all sexiness is taken out of the situation, and you’re forced to strip naked (which can be triggering for some people) in order to put it on. 
I had the inkling that my partner and I would be having sex, so I slipped it on ahead of time, and before bedtime when moves were made I could immediately insert her favorite toy and get going! It was miraculous! 
Throughout the sexual process, multiple positions were used, and there wasn’t any discomfort on either end for us. The base on the end of the toy is a little small, and I was worried it would slip, but it didn’t. I truthfully forgot that I wasn’t a biological male while having sex with my partner. How crazy is that. 

I give this harness 100%! It was versatile in that I could pack and play with it, which as a trans* man is essential, and it was the most comfortable thing that I’ve ever worn underwear or harness wise. If you don’t already own one of the RodeoH harnesses, you’re missing out on the best sex of your life. Guaranteed. 

To help you get your first RodeoH harness (or a new one!), here’s a coupon code for $10 off your entire order, plus free shipping. Just enter the name Riley at checkout, and go change your sex life forever. 

SPREAD THE WORD about this post! This is my first modeling gig. ;) 

we live in amazing times!

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  1. I agree with everything. I got my first harness back in 2011 and I am now branching out to a newer model. So excited. Makes me feel manly.

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