theslantcreative: Tilda Swinton for Candy Magazine by Xevi…


Tilda Swinton for Candy Magazine by Xevi Muntane


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  1. Totally lovelovelove what you are weiarng. And I’m quite sure that Tilda would wear that too. Also, I sooooo know what you are saying about work related choises. Every day I struggle with these things.. One day I’d love to dress like Erykah Badu, another like Lisa Bonnet, and third to dye my hair blue, wear sequins and dr.Martens to work. Sometimes (often?) I try, and end up feeling out of place or unsecure at some point of my work day. Where I work you are expected to look certain way, and also my age is a factor. But still,(it happens rarely though), every once in a while someone walks in the shop where I work, and manages to surprise me in a good way. Very often they seem to be women who don’t really care what someone might say, they just wear what they like..or maybe they are just like you and me,trying to find a look that is approved but yet their own and special. Whatever the case, there always seems to be this playful “something” in them. And of course there’s always Advanced style…whenever I start doubting myself too much, I go see those amazing women photographed there. And also,my dear, you are always an inspiration to me. (You, and my new sequin dress ;). Pus, sis.

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