Random: Remember Kat Stacks?




Did she really get deported? LOL

thats not funny to joke about at all.

shes the survivor of the child sex trade (she was sold into it by her own uncle and was abandoned by her mother) and multiple horrific sexual assualts of all sorts after she managed to free herself from it too. she is a fucking survivor. a champion!

that people are laughing at her being deported to go suffer in a country she doesnt even know

is sick

and cruel

and misogynist as fuck

as well as fuckin antimmigrant

so she didnt give a fuck how she talked and fucked rappers

this doesnt make her deserving of suffering and displacement

and it doesnt make any of yall noble for making 9586895695789675896 comments all over the net trashing her like shes not fit to live, and laughing at videos of men beating on her

for simply not following your models of respectability?




FUCK SHE GOT DEPORTED???? this makes me feel sick.

fuck each and every one of y’all judgmental asshole. is all i can even say right now.

Not quite deported—she’s still in an I.C.E. “dormitory,” speaks a lot of truth on Twitter at @AdmireAndrea. She’s 100% awesome.


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