I realized I skipped over this episode which is major and really…

I realized I skipped over this episode which is major and really violent in tricky ways. Clarice has Lacy locked up in her attic where Clarice’s husbands are drugging her and abusing her; Clarice’s wives are pissed. Eventually they ship Lacy off to Gemenon to the terrorist training camp/religious retreat. On the way there, the ship is hijacked and all kinds of crazy bloodshed goes down and then the hijackers are all “JK! We are Soldiers of the One also, this was a training exercise to see how you handle pressure.” Lacy is like, “But this other recruit is actually dead,” and they say “Oh that part was real.”  Meanwhile in V world Zoe gets the shit beaten out of her for about 10 minutes and then spends 10 more in a brutal fight with Tamara (above) and you don’t see that a lot on tv—for one thing, the violence on Caprica always includes actual reaction shots and wounds, which like 99% of tv never does, plus teen girls using weapons and fighting dirty, not sexy. Meanwhile Daniel gets forced into killing one guy (literally the guy pretends to shake hands with Daniel and then sticks the knife in Daniel’s hand and impales himself) and is all emo about it. He makes the Taurons clean it up, because his robots are too good for it, and they are like, “We cannot wait to be rid of all of you racist fucks.”


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