Look, it’s Lily Burana’s future husband!!

Dead Kennedys were THE SHIT for me when I was young, along with Black Flag and some others of course. I would totally pore over the words and be all FUCK REAGAN and think about how I was going to dye my hair black and take drugs and change the world. I chose Berkeley for college solely because East Bary Ray went there and they gave me work study. DKs were one of the first shows I ever went to, at Alpine Village. I was particularly interested to see if Jello would throw up on stage, but I can’t remember now if he did or not. It was so awesome to be with other people who were negative and unhappy and angry, unlike the people at my school who were deeply caught up in the eternal battles of Jocks vs Stoners vs Surfers and also who was getting a Porsche for their 16th birthday.

Years later I covered Jello’s obscenity trial for my school newspaper. It was pretty intense. I remember Ruth from Mordam was treated as a hostile witness! I thought that was completely rad. Later of course Ruth totally hated me and Darby and Mordam wouldn’t distribute Ben is Dead because it wasn’t male punk enough. Asshole.

In like 1990 or 1991, when I was working for the film production company, they wanted to do a courtroom drama of the Jello case. We flew him down for a meeting and all this stuff and man, it sucked. Jello was a total dick, he kept complaining about his hotel room, and trying to weasel money out of my boss, and he ordered like a 20 lb steak at dinner, I was horrified. He totally shit talked everyone else in the band and wanted to cut them out of the deal. Nevertheless, I will always honor those records, and all the stuff Alternative Tentacles did. They brought the world to me when I needed it most.

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  1. There is a terrific passage in Jude the Obscure when Jude goes to meet the composer of a hymn that had brought him to tears. The composer was completely callous, to him writing hymns was the equivalent of jingle writing. It broke Jude’s heart (amongst other things, given that it’s one of the most depressing novels of all time.)

    It is terrifying to meet your heroes. IEspecially when your heroes are punks! I consider myself extremely lucky not only to have had opportunities to meet and correspond with a few of my heroes, but moreover, lucky that they have been so nice to me. The thrill I had when Ian MacKaye sent me a postcard (locally produced of course) in high school! And my mom saying, “Who is this friend Ian? Where did you meet him?” was enough to fill many years with a sense of excitement.

    However, I would definitely be terrified to work with any of them.

  2. That glove is creeping me out.

  3. Ben, stop being emo on my blog.

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