A naked lady played a plastic oboe.

“Last week a two-time Jeopardy winner came on my stomach.”

There was a Dylan McKay reference.

There was a SCUM reference.

A guy from Hellmouth, “a tumblr-based music collective” read Buffy fanfiction interspersed with singing.

I kept nudging Jen and said “They’re in my coven!” when someone new came on stage.

This amazing woman played a medley of a doxology and “Mary.”

“The first time I ever got fisted was to this song.”

I felt like I was home in LA, back in a time when people just did stuff, for fun, and with costumes that they wear every day and it wasnt about being next level or even being that good but about being true and having fun, and it made me think of Jack Brewer and how he told me I was a poet based on one thing I had written, and life was like that then, and maybe it is now, too, or it can be.

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