If we’ve been sweet/kissy/sexy and you want to stop doing that (forever OR for now), or if you want to do it less frequently / avoid it as a habit, TALK ABOUT IT. I’ll understand, I promise.

I *NEED* you to *TALK* about it.

DO NOT just withdraw, cut back on contact, avoid me, put me in a position where I’m self-consciously initiating all contact, wondering whether to pull back.

I am EXHAUSTED of having to initiating these conversations with folks whose feelings are socialized as more important/rational than mine. It doesn’t feel fair that I should have to guess what you’re thinking, when my thoughts are the same as when we last spoke. Going from feverishly texting with you all day to not hearing from you for a week is a disaster for me. It triggers intense feelings of neglect, abandonment and worthlessness.

Poly is not an excuse to fade out. If your feelings change, share them so that I know you respect my position.

Thank you.


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