"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of The keynote of your relationship with Brad is enchantment. This…"

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

The keynote of your relationship with Brad is enchantment. This quality of dreamlike beauty and bewitchment embraces many dimensions of reality, from the erotic to the spiritual. And some aspects of it can be inspiring and uplifting while others may be painful, confusing and disappointing. Above all, enchantment implies a state which is above or beyond ordinary mundane reality - an alternative world where feelings are heightened, events are infused with hidden meaning, knights protect princesses from dragons, and gods and heroes walk the earth. Here in this magical Paradise Garden, protected from the intrusion of the banal, the loneliness of human existence can be mitigated through a “true” union of souls.

Because of your dramatic self-sufficiency and your need to prove that you can handle life’s challenges alone, you may find your relationship with Brad sometimes difficult and even a little threatening because of the loss of individual boundaries which you are at times likely to experience. The romantic qualities inherent in the relationship, and its almost mystical sense of merging, tend to slip beneath your defences and penetrate your inner isolation and self-absorption, making you more aware than you might like of your need of and dependency upon others. Also, the adjustments and sacrifices which the partnership might require are likely to make you feel vaguely resentful at times, because you are strong-willed and generally like to have things your own way. Yet if you allow this relationship to work its subtle alchemy on you, you may discover that it is actually alright to need another person, and that a shared burden is not an insult to your strength.


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